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Fremennik Sagas

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This area is 'Safe' meaning if you die here, you will not lose any items.
However, if you are poisoned outside of the event/area you can still die.


Meeting with Skaldrun
Meeting with Skaldrun

Centuries ago, a man named Skaldrun came to work in Daemonheim, only to find himself the target of a terrible curse which had an unexpected benefit. As he stood encased in ice, growing insane as he stared at the same wall, Skaldrun became a magnet for all the stories of Daemonheim. They filled his mind like a great library, and his madness enabled him to choose from the stories and act a part in them, as if they were a play. The stories kept him occupied for centuries, until an adventurer stumbled on him, and freed him...

Break Skaldrun from his icy prison and he will offer you that same ability: to take part in sagas as if you had experienced them first-hand. While you won't gain any rewards as you play the parts of some diverse characters - Thok and Sir Owen included - you will find that experience and Dungeoneering token rewards await once you reach their true ending.

Getting Started

Skaldrun encased in ice
Skaldrun encased in ice

To start playing sagas, you must first unfreeze Skaldrun in Daemonheim, heating him up using a tinderbox and logs, or a fire-based spell. Skaldrun appears randomly on the frozen floors of Daemonheim, so you should look for him on floors 1-11, on complexity levels of 2 and above. You must have a Dungeoneering level of at least 11 to find Skaldrun in Daemonheim.

If you are in a party with players who have freed Skaldrun already, you will still be able to find him within the dungeon (as long as you meet all of the requirements to find him). Those who have freed Skaldrun previously will not be able to see him.

Once he is freed, you can talk to Skaldrun, finding out more of his history before he leaves for the surface of Daemonheim. You will need to visit him in the Fremennik camp, near Thok, if you want to play a saga; there is too much danger in Daemonheim for him to risk telling you a saga there.

There are currently five sagas available from Skaldrun. To play a saga, you need to find an item in Daemonheim that jolts Skaldrun's memory. You will find them twinkling on certain floors of Daemonheim, and they are as follows:

abridged tome.gif
unabridged tome.gif

Each saga comes in two forms: abridged and unabridged. The abridged version has a Dungeoneering level requirement and includes most, but not all, of the saga's story. For completing an abridged saga, you will be given the abridged tome, which offers a small amount of Dungeoneering XP and Dungeoneering tokens.

To experience the full saga, you will need to play the unabridged version. This has the same Dungeoneering level requirements as the abridged tome, but also has additional skill requirements. Unabridged sagas contain secondary objectives; these are often left for you to discover yourself, and you will need to figure out what they may entail. Complete all of these secondary objectives to 100% (you can see how many are completed or missing on the end interface) and you will receive an abridged tome. This will give you a choice of XP in the skills that were required to play the saga.

You can play a saga as many times as you want, but you may only receive one abridged and one unabridged tome per saga. If you have not received an abridged tome, but you have completed the unabridged version to 100%, you will receive both an abridged and unabridged tome.


For completing the sagas, you are usually given a selection of Dungeoneering tokens and XP. You can replay the Sagas as many times as you like, however, your rewards will reduce each time you do so.

Rewards tokens are given as 100% on the first play through, 80% on the second, 60% on the third, 40% on the fourth and 20% thereafter. This is reset each Runeday.

So, if you play through Three's Company, and then play Vengeance (on the same day), the total tokens that you can win by playing through Vengeance will be reduced to 80%.

Saga Abridged tome Unabridged tome Max Tokens
Three's Company 750 Dungeoneering XP
75 Tokens
3,750 Attack XP OR
3,750 Magic XP OR
3,750 Ranged XP
224 Tokens
Vengeance 2410 Dungeoneering XP
214 Tokens
25,415 Agility XP OR
25,415 Thieving XP
271 Tokens
Thok it to 'Em 37,080 Dungeoneering XP
3,708 Tokens
75,765 Strength XP 872 Tokens
Nadir 3,750 Dungeoneering XP
375 Tokens
21,670 Dungeoneering XP
2,167 Tokens
11,660 Thieving XP OR
37,080 Attack XP
2674 Tokens
Thok Your Block Off 53,440 Dungeoneering XP
5,344 Tokens
105,010 Strength XP 1637 Tokens

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