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Dungeoneering Complexity/2

Skills Magic, Ranged, Attack, Constitution, Defence, Prayer, Strength, Cooking, Firemaking, Fishing, Woodcutting
Store Minimal stock
Armour/Weapons All combat styles (inventory)
XP Penalty 45%
Puzzle rooms Yes
Challenge rooms No
Skill doors No
complexity2 intro.jpg
Progress is hastened through the application of force
As you work through Daemonheim, looking for ever greater challenges, you'll doubtless discover that a purely combat-oriented floor, while being perfectly enjoyable, simply isn't fulfilling all of your needs. Welcome, then, to floors of second-tier complexity...

At complexity level 2, several further skills can be put to use - Cooking, Firemaking, Fishing and Woodcutting. Also the smuggler offers an increased shop stock.


complexity2 cooking.jpg

Much of the food you find in the tunnels beneath Daemonheim will already be cooked, but it is possible for you to catch fish from some of the dark pools within the structure (see left), and for this reason it is useful to be able to prepare them using your Cooking skill. To find out how much each of the strange foods heal, click here.

It is also possible to cook the fish on a range, to decrease the chance of burning them. Ranges often need to be lit, however, so you will need to find branches (by woodcutting them or buying them from the smuggler), use them on the range and then light them using a tinderbox.


complexity2 firemaking.jpg

Unlike much of the equipment beneath Daemonheim, the tinderbox is almost immediately recognisable and can be purchased from the smuggler for a pittance. These can be used to set fire to branches as normal, light furnaces and ranges, and burn beams blocking your path.

Note that you cannot use your barbarian skills to light fires with a bow.


complexity2 fishing.jpg

Many pools within the dungeons are home to strange fish and crustaceans, all of which can be caught and cooked. Unlike fishing outside of Daemonheim, only one form of fishing equipment is required: a fishing rod and feathers. These are both bought from the smuggler in the starting room. The types of creature available range from the heim crab (which can be caught with level 1 Fishing) through to the cave moray (which requires level 90 Fishing).


complexity2 woodcutting.jpg

As you might imagine, the depths of Daemonheim are fractured and tormented by the roots of twisted plants, as well as the fresh growths of unnatural species. There are also rare examples of stunted trees that are extinct on the surface of Gielinor. To cut these, as always, you will need a hatchet, which can be purchased from the smuggler or, in level 3 complexity dungeons, can be smithed from the metal of your choice.

Branches cut or found within the dungeons can then be put to use as firewood, or for Fletching (from level 3 complexity) and other, more specific tasks.

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