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Dungeoneering acronyms

Dungeoneering is a complex and intricate skill. Dungeoneers have developed a set of acronyms that shorten what is needed to type to convey an important meaning or note. It is highly recommended to know these acronyms as they will help you complete dungeons with a more diverse range of people in a quicker time that if these were not known.

Looking for a specific acronym? Press ctrl+f or command+f and type in what you're looking for. If you are not taken to the acronym it is not listed on this page and you will have to look elsewhere for the definition of it.


  • A - Abandoned floors
  • Ab2 - Abanadoned floors
  • Abd - Abanadoned floors


  • Buying/selling (key). - Give me/take this key off me (usually as a player has placed a gatestone by said door).


  • Com - Complexities
  • C1 – Complexity 1
  • C2 – Complexity 2
  • C3 – Complexity 3
  • C4 – Complexity 4
  • C5 – Complexity 5
  • C6 – Complexity 6
  • Crim - Crimson (keys or charms)
  • Cure(s) - Refers to the spell which 'Cure' players from Poison. This spell can be used only if the player has completed Lunar Diplomacy. There are 3 different cure spells: Cure Me, Cure Other, Cure Group


  • De - Dead end (assume that if a non-keyer says this there is no key in the room)
  • Denk - Dead End No Key (room with no doors other than entrance, does not have a key)
  • Dewk - Dead End With Key (room with no doors other than entrance, has a key).



  • F#. - Refers to floor numbers (1-49)
  • F#+1/2/3/4 - +2 refers to the amount of people still needed to start that floor, in this case 2.
  • Fur - Furnished floors
  • Furn - Furnished floors
  • Fro - Frozen floors
  • Froz - Frozen floors


  • GC - Gravecreeper wood or boss
  • Ggs - Group Gatestone
  • Gd - Guardian door
  • Ggs Gd - Group Gatestone Teleport to help with Guardian Door
  • Gtgd - Group Gatestone Teleport to help with Guardian Door
  • Ggs mage/range/melee - Group gatestone with that prayer on.
  • GK- Got key (the key you just grabbed)
  • Gorg - Gorgonite
  • GS - Gatestone, referring to each players individual gatestone
  • Gsed - Gatestoned, meaning the player has dropped their individual gatestone somewhere of significance or use
  • Gt- Group Teleport (used with GGS)
  • Gtb - Group teleport for boss
  • Gte- Group teleport and end the dungeon


  • Hex - Hexhunter bow
  • HK - ?
  • HT - Home Teleport



  • Med - Medium floor size
  • Merc - Mercenary Room
  • Mgt - Move (group) gatestone. Often indicated by telling a player to "MGT" to whatever door they gated.
  • Mon - Monolith room
  • Mono - Monolith room


  • Necro - Necrolord (boss) or Necromancer (monster)
  • NS- Night Spider


  • O/Occ - Refers to the Occult floors ( Floors 36-47 )


  • Pent - Pentagon (key shape)
  • Prom - Promethium ore or armour
  • Purp - Purple (key colour)



  • Rect - Rectangle (key shape)


  • Sag - Sagittare (boss) or a Sagittarian ranged item
  • Sg - Soulgazer monster
  • Silv - Silver (key colour)
  • Sk - Skiller (or somebody who doesn't combat)
  • Small - Floor size
  • Sml - Floor size
  • Ssh - Shadow Silk Hood (can also be the silver shield key)
  • Sui - Suicide
  • Suic - Suicide


  • T1-T6. - Referring to Class Rings or Resources
  • Tri - Triangle (key shape)
  • TK - Tool kit


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