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Dungeoneering tutor

Dungeoneering tutor
Dungeoneering tutor's chathead
Released 12th April 2010
Race Human (Fremennik)
Achievements Daemonheim Achievements
Location Daemonheim
Examine Your contact for forming parties in Daemonheim.

The dungeoneering tutor is a Fremennik who will aid players on their first journeys into the dungeons of Daemonheim. He will also keep a record of any journals and notes you might find down there, and you can access them at any time by right-clicking him at the front of Daemonheim's ruined castle.

The dungeoneering tutor was among the first Fremennik to journey into the dungeons before they were opened to players, and was one of the few explorers to return alive. Although he did not explore very far, his knowledge of the maddening depths among the Fremennik is second only to the smuggler.

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