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Ancient Cavern Ancient Prison Asgarnian Ice Dungeon Baneore Cave
Prove yourself a true barbarian. Where blurite can be found. Where blurite can be found. Extract minerals for potent weapons and fight mighty elementals.

Brimhaven Dungeon Cave Goblin Mines Chaos Dwarf Battlefield Chaos Tunnels
Death beneath Brimhaven! Home to the secretive Dorgeshuun. A guard against chaos. Fight the diabolic hordes.

Char's Training Cave Crandor and Karamja Dungeon Deep Wilderness Dungeon Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon
Alternative Firemaking training. Elvarg's lair. Bubbling with lava. Between goblins and kalphites.

Edgeville Dungeon Forinthry Dungeon God Wars Dungeon Jadinko Lair
As dangerous below as above. A retirement dungeon for revenants. The war that almost destroyed the world! The Jade Vine's little secret.

Kalphite Hive Living Rock Caverns Lumbridge Catacombs Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon
Home of the Kalphite Empire. Solid as a rock. Sepulchral shenanigans A vast and dank dungeon.

Mole Hole Ogre Enclave Ourania Cave Stronghold of Player Safety
Moley, moley, moley... Where the shamans practice their arts. Property of the ZMI. Learn about keeping yourself safe.

Stronghold of Security Tarn's Lair Taverley Dungeon Taverley Slayer Dungeon
Learn about security while playing RuneScape. A necromancer's hideaway. The darkness under the light.

TzHaar Mine TzHaar Obsidian Mine Varrock Sewers Waterbirth Island Dungeon
Coal, mithril and adamantite deposits site beneath the Karamja volcano. Walls and walls of obsidian. Seat of the Dagannoth Kings. Descend into Varrock's waste.

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