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Dust devil

Members iconDust devil
dust devil.png
The vacuumed face of evil.
Location: Smoke Dungeon
Chaos Tunnels
bestiary not aggressive.png
bestiary not poisonous.png
not immune to stun.png
not immune to leech.png
not immune to shove.png
not immune to poison.png
attack icon.png
strength icon.png
magic icon.png
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1 1 1 61 61
Level: 122
Attack style: Crush weak to crush.gif
Max hit: 224
Life points: 8000
Weakness: Crush weak to crush.gif
Combat XP Constitution XP
424.8 140.1
Attack speed:
Always: Bones
Notable: Dragon chainbody
Other: Unknown [Edit]
Slayer master: Vannaka
Duradel or Lapalok
Slayer level: 65
Slayer XP: 202

Dust devils are odd creatures that breathe in rocks and dust to fire them at enemies. To fight them you will need level 65 Slayer and be wearing face protection such as a face mask or slayer helmet, otherwise they will rapidly drain your stats and inflict damage at a fast rate. They are located in the Smoke Dungeon near the Desert Bandit Camp, and in a chamber of the Chaos Tunnels. They give 202 Slayer experience when on a Slayer task.

Dust devils are famed for their rarest drop, the dragon chainbody. They also drop large quantities of fire runes.


Dust devils are weak against crushing attacks. Depending on your skill levels and available equipment, you might opt for dual-wielding a dragon mace/off-hand dragon mace, or a Saradomin sword. If you do not have a suitable crushing weapon, any decent melee weapon will still be effective.


In addition to their regular drops, dust devils can also drop items from the Rare Drop Table.

Runes and ammunition

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
frune.gif Fire rune 37, 75, 150 GE:554 drop-table-common.gif
chrune.gif Chaos rune 5 GE:562 drop-table-uncommon.gif
srune.gif Soul rune 5 GE:566 drop-table-uncommon.gif
rune arrow.gif Rune arrow 12 GE:892 drop-table-uncommon.gif
rune javelin.gif Rune javelin 5 GE:830 drop-table-rare.gif

Weapons and armour

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
steel axe.gif Steel hatchet 1 GE:1353 drop-table-uncommon.gif
earthbs.gif Earth battlestaff 1 GE:1399 drop-table-uncommon.gif
rune dagger.gif Rune dagger 1 GE:1213 drop-table-uncommon.gif
red dragon vambraces.gif Red d'hide vambraces 1 GE:2489 drop-table-uncommon.gif
icon dragon armour.gif Dragon chainbody 1 GE:3140 drop-table-very-rare.gif


Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
bones.gif Bones 1 GE:526 drop-table-always.gif
coins.gif Coins Varies N/A drop-table-common.gif
ugthanki kebab.gif Ugthanki kebab 1, 2 GE:1885 drop-table-uncommon.gif
mithril bar.gif Mithril bar 1 GE:2359 drop-table-uncommon.gif
ancient effigy.gif Starved ancient effigy 1 Not tradeable drop-table-very-rare.gif

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