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Dwarven army axe

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member badge tiny.pngDwarven army axe
dwarven axe.gif
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Stacks No
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Protect on Death Yes
Examine A highly useful modular tool.
Weight 10.0 kg
A player wielding a dwarven army axe

The dwarven army axe is a members only benefit and is provided by Major Mary Rancour - the combat tutor - in the camp south-east of the Burthorpe lodestone. If lost, you can get a new axe from her.

The weapon provides a number of bonuses which it must be equipped for. Some bonuses only require that the axe is in your backpack (e.g. fletching arrows).

Part Benefits
Axe handle
  • 1% bonus Mining XP for mining copper and tin.
  • A chance to find a lapis lazuli when mining copper and tin.
  • 1% bonus Crafting XP when working leather or soft clay.
  • 1% bonus Cooking XP when cooking, and when hunting polar kebbits or crimson swifts.
Axe blade
  • 1% bonus Woodcutting XP for chopping logs and oak logs.
  • 1% bonus Firemaking XP for burning logs and oak logs.
  • A chance to find a wooden knot when chopping normal trees.
Fletching tool
Combat Details
No requirements
Slot: weapon slot.jpg
Item level: 6
Item class: Melee
Armour type: None
Damage: 183
Accuracy: 160
Attack speed: Speed 5
Armour rating: None
constitution icon.png prayer icon.png attack icon.png ranged icon.png magic icon.png
0 0 0% 0% 0%
No dwarf would be without his trusty dwarven army axe. Self-sufficiency is the highest virtue to a dwarf and with this axe, you'll be totally sufficient!

The most versatile tool ever created, this is a pickaxe, a hatchet and a deadly weapon all rolled into one!

The multifunctional handle includes a chisel for lapidary emergencies and a needle for ad-hoc button fixing. Most importantly, because no dwarf can stand to go hungry, it even includes a special integrated tinderbox for lighting a campfire. To top this all off, you'll also find a handy knife serving as the perfect blade for whittling arrow shafts while you wait for your beast meat to roast.