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Edgeville Dungeon

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The content on this page is mostly available for all players.
There could be some parts within this section that are for members only. These will be indicated accordingly with a member badge tiny.png icon.

This dungeon has a large number of monsters in it and, if you are a member, the Combat level of these monsters can go up to 172! Please ensure that you are prepared or only bring items you are willing to lose. Please also be aware that the northernmost section of this dungeon is classed as Wilderness, so you will find that other players can attack you.

edgeville dungeon intro1.jpg
Fighting Black Demons inside Edgeville Dungeon

Beneath the dangerous town of Edgeville, where monsters lurk on the brink of the Wilderness, lies a dungeon which poses as much threat as the Wilderness itself.

In the darkness of Edgeville dungeon you will encounter all sorts of monsters from spiders to hill giants. If you are a member, you can venture further still into the Wilderness dungeon...


edgeville dungeon location1.jpg
Location of Edgeville Dungeon

Edgeville dungeon is, unsurprisingly, beneath the town of Edgeville. It's also located quite near to Varrock allowing people a short walk to Edgeville.

There are 2 places where you can enter this dungeon. The first one is the trapdoor in the ruined building in edgeville which leads into an area filled with rats. The second one is inside the building between gunnars' house and the bridge at edgeville. This entrance leads to the hill giants. To be able to enter the building you need a brass key, which spawns at the hobgoblins in the dungeon.

Points of Interest

edgeville dungeon features.jpg
Interesting areas of the Edgeville Dungeon

As you can see from the to the left, the dungeon is split into two sections.

The gate, marked on the map, is the division between the members and non-members areas in Edgeville dungeon. Everything north of this gate is members only and classified as Wilderness, so beware of PKers.

Members can go into this northern area to find a plentiful supply of chaos druids for herbs, or skeletons and black demons for a tougher battle.

Over the Agility monkey bars are earth warriors, which are a good enemy to train your melee skills against.

If you get a brass key (found in the dungeon, near the entrance from Edgeville), you can use this to unlock the door found west of the Cooking guild. This provides quicker access to the hill giant area.

Chronozon guards the Earth Obelisk used in making earth battlestaves. Opposite this, on the north side of the dungeon and past the black demons, is a ladder to the Air Obelisk, should you wish to craft air battlestaves instead.


Chronozon the blood demon is a unique demon who defeated Johnathon, and stole his piece of the family crest. Chronozon is no easy demon to defeat - killing him will be a blast!
Chronozon is found in the area with the Earth Obelisk, west of the chaos druids in the Wilderness Dungeon.


There are no quest start points in Edgeville.

Monsters of the Sewers

Giant Rat (Level 3) Thug (Level 10)
giant rat.gif
Just like giant spiders and goblins, giant rats are a common sight. They are slightly tougher than goblins and giant spiders, but this still doesn't say much.
Thugs are just that. Thugs. They like to cause trouble and can be found lurking in the entrance area to the members Wilderness, waiting to give you a welcoming punch.
Giant rats can be found in the entrance area of Edgeville dungeon.
Chaos Druid (Level 13) Skeleton (Level 21/22/25)
chaos druid.gif
Chaos druids combine Magic with melee if they are under attack. While the Magic they use on you may not be damaging as such, you may find some of your combat related stats get lowered if spells actually hit you. Chaos druids tend to drop grimy herbs, which can be very useful.
Skeletons may look harmless and weak, but their lack of muscle is more than made up for by the potent magic that holds them together. If you choose to fight skeletons, you may notice the skeleton's bones will give way when crushing attacks are used.
Chaos druids are found by going west of the thugs in the members' Wilderness Dungeon. Skeletons are found just north of the entrance area.
Zombie (Level 24) Hobgoblin (level 28)
Zombies are usually found in the dark, damp areas of the RuneScape world, so it is not surprising that a few wander the damp area on the east side.
Hobgoblins are found in most areas of RuneScape and they are basically a tougher version of goblins, generally using spears to attack.
Zombies in the eastern area of Edgeville dungeon. There are a few hobgoblins in Edgeville dungeon, usually grouping in the south-east of the dungeon, where the brass key (shortcut) door is.
Hill Giant (Level 28) Deadly Red Spider (Level 34)
hill giant.gif
Hill giants are commonly seen in the dungeons of RuneScape, and this includes Edgeville Dungeon, where a few have wandered into the final section. They are quite strong, and will put up a good fight against unprepared warriors.
deadly red spider.gif
Tougher than the giant spiders by far, deadly red spiders haven't earned their name letting adventurers walk by: they will give you a tough fight if you are unprepared.
Deadly red spiders can be found north of the thugs in the members' Wilderness Dungeon.
Earth Warrior (Level 51) Black Demon (Level 172)
earth warrior.gif
Earth warriors are warriors of the earth! They tend to stick together, so if you are venturing into the members' Wilderness Dungeon and swing across the monkeybars, don't be surpised if a group of earth warriors come to 'greet' you.
black demon.png
Black demons are vast and powerful demons. Towering over adventurers and most other monsters, they stalk the lower reaches of RuneScape, hoping for a tasty meal.
Black demons can be found in the north-western area of the dungeon.


  • There are many red spiders' eggs to be found in the Wilderness Dungeon.
  • Monsters such as zombies and skeletons are weak against the 'Crumble Undead' spell.
  • Use your Agility to your advantage if you are going to/from Edgeville Dungeon.
  • Edgeville Wilderness Dungeon contains the Air and Earth Obelisks.
  • Players with level 10 or 20 Dungeoneering will be able to find mysterious entrances in the Edgeville Dungeon.
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