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Elder tree

This article is about the regular elder trees. For the tree associated with the Evil Tree D&D, see Elder evil tree.
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Elder trees are a rare and ancient species of tree that only grow in specific locations around Gielinor. Their aged wood is extremely tough to cut, so you will need at least level 90 Woodcutting to chop them.

When you begin chopping an elder tree, you will start a five minute timer which is unique to you. When the timer runs out, the tree's branches will fall off and will need another ten minutes to regrow (this is persistent across all game worlds.) You will therefore need to keep moving between elder trees in order to gather them.

For every successful cut, you will receive 325 Woodcutting XP and a set of elder logs. These logs can be burnt for Firemaking XP, or fletched into elder shortbows and shieldbows.


Elder trees grow in ten locations around Gielinor.


Using certain items on an elder tree will produce hidden messages...

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