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Elemental Battlestaves

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crafting ob.jpg
At the Water Obelisk

The crafting of elemental battlestaves is not easy to accomplish. Requiring dedication in the Crafting skill to reach the levels required, battlestaves can reward a crafter with money saved and money gained from trading.

There is a limited supply of battlestaves available from Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle, at the Mage Training Arena (paid for with pizazz points) or by talking to Naff at Zaff's staff shop in Varrock. The number of battlestaves that you can buy from Naff is determined by how many of the difficulty levels of Tasks you have completed in the Varrock set,

Varrock Diary Task Level Number of Available Battlestaves
Completed no Varrock Task levels 8 per day
Completed all Easy Tasks in the Varrock set 16 per day
Completed all Medium Tasks in the Varrock set 32 per day
Completed all Hard Tasks in the Varrock set 64 per day
Completed all Elite Tasks in the Varrock set 80 per day

Stage One: Obtaining the parts needed

First you will need an unpowered orb and a battlestaff.

You can either buy an unpowered orb from another player, or make one yourself if you have level 46 or more in Crafting. (See the Glass Making part of the manual for more details).

You will also need to locate a battlestaff from any of the sources listed above.

Stage Two: Powering an orb

At this point in making a battlestaff it is necessary to choose what staff you will be making, be it air, earth, fire or water. To make the orb into an elemental orb of your chosen type, you must locate the obelisk, and there cast the relevant 'charge' spell on your orb.

Element Spell Required Level Required Runes Required Obelisk Location
Water Charge Water Orb 56Magic 30 Water
3 Cosmic
Taverley Dungeon, up the ladder near the black dragons, onto an island facing Catherby.
Earth Charge Earth Orb 60Magic 30 Earth
3 Cosmic
Edgeville Dungeon, past the black demons.
Fire Charge Fire Orb 63Magic 30 Fire
3 Cosmic
Past the black dragons in Taverley Dungeon.
Air Charge Air Orb 66Magic 30 Air
3 Cosmic
Edgeville Dungeon, past the black demons, and up a ladder into an area above the Wilderness.

w obelisk2.jpgf obelisk2.jpg e obelisk2.jpga obelisk2.jpg

Stage Three: Making the staff

The final stage will take no time at all, now you have your charged orb and basic battlestaff: simply use one with the other, and you will craft the battlestaff of the orb type.

Staff Crafting Level Required Benefits Crafting Experience Gained
water battlestaff.gif
Water battlestaff
54 Crafting When wielded, this battlestaff removes the need for water runes when casting spells. 100
Earth battlestaff
58 Crafting When wielded, this battlestaff removes the need for earth runes when casting spells. 112.5
Fire battlestaff
62 Crafting When wielded, this battlestaff removes the need for fire runes when casting spells. 125
Air battlestaff.gif
Air battlestaff
66 Crafting When wielded, this battlestaff removes the need for air runes when casting spells. 137.5
Armadyl battlestaff
77 Crafting This staff can only be crafted after completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat. When wielded, this battlestaff removes the need for air runes when casting spells and increases the casting speed of the Storm of Armadyl spell. It also deals an additional 15% magic damage. Note that this staff requires an orb of armadyl which can be made by combining 100 shards of armadyl (obtained by killing glacors in the Baneore cave). The orb does not need charging to make an Armadyl battlestaff 150

It is also worth noting, that you do not need to have charged the orb yourself in order to place it upon a battlestaff. Therefore, it is possible to shorten this process if you find someone to supply you with powered orbs.

If you have completed Scorpion Catcher, you can get your elemental battlestaves upgraded to mystic staves by Thormac the Sorcerer for 40,000 coins. Doing this will greatly increase the staff's offensive capabilities.

Stage Four: Customisation

shade skull.gif

If you have obtained a shade skull from Shades of Mort'ton you can customise your battlestaves. This will not bring any advantages but it does look cool.

Staff Crafting Level Required Benefits Crafting Experience Gained
skeletal staff.gif
Skeletal staff^
85 Crafting - 130

^The name of the staff changes, depending on the staff that has been customised.


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