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Following the events of The World Wakes, it is becoming clear that things will never be the same. Now that the edicts of Guthix have been removed, voices who once only whispered of the gods' return are now shouting from the rooftops. The loudest of these voices are those of the Emissaries; some believing they have been chosen by their deity to spread the word about their beliefs, others seeking to gain more loyal followers, one even speaks on behalf of a group who feel the gods have no place in Gielinor.

Regardless of the motivations of the emissaries they all offer the same: details about their god and their beliefs, and a series of jobs to prove your devotion. Listen to the emissaries, decide which god - if any - you wish to align yourself with, and show your support by completing the jobs offered.


There are 8 emissaries at 8 locations:

Draynor Village
Draynor Village - Emissary for Sliske
Goblin Village
Goblin Village - Emissary for Bandos
Falador (north)
North Falador - Emissary for Saradomin
Falador (south)
South Falador - Emissary for Armadyl
Port Sarim
Port Sarim - Emissary for The Godless
Port Sarim (south)
South of Port Sarim - Emissary for Seren
Edgeville - Emissary for Zamorak
Varrock (west
Varrock - Emissary for Zaros

Getting Started

Aligning Yourself to a Cause

The aim of the emissaries is to convince you to join their cause with words rather than actions. If you have already chosen your side, then all you need do is to declare your support with the relevant emissary. For those that have yet to decide, speak to each of the emissaries first before you decide.

When you have declared your allegiance, you will receive a banner to show your decision, and members will be able to take on various jobs to improve this banner and find out more about the gods.

Emissary: Endwyr
Alignment: Seren
Location: South of Port Sarim
Emissary: Holstein
Alignment: The Godless
Location: Port Sarim
Emissary: Julienne
Alignment: Saradomin
Location: Falador
Emissary: Moldark
Alignment: Zamorak
Location: Edgeville
Emissary: Murknose
Alignment: Bandos
Location: Goblin Village
Emissary: Relomia
Alignment: Sliske
Location: Draynor Village
Emissary: Soran
Alignment: Zaros
Location: Varrock
Emissary: Taw'Paak
Alignment: Armadyl
Location: South of Falador

You can change your faction at any time, and this will not reset any progress made. It will, however, remove your banner from where it is stored and put one for the new faction in your inventory. If you have been awarded a relic helm, this will be removed also but you can reclaim one for free by asking your emissary about it.

Jobs Members icon

In order to show your dedication to the cause, the emissaries will ask you to perform a series of jobs for them. These jobs will aid your chosen group by providing weapons or supplies, tackling problems with local trouble makers, or retrieving precious artefacts and important relics.

There are three types of job: combat, skilling and exploration and there are 5-6 stages per job. Some stages are more difficult that others, so you will find you need to have a certain level before you will be able to accept them.

Job Type Job Level
Combat 1 Slay 10 goblins who can be found around Lumbridge, as well as in the Goblin Village. Return any messages that are dropped to the emissary. -
Combat 2 Defeat Black Knights or White Knights (white are not available if your emissary is saradominist, and black are not available if your emissary is zamorakian) until they drop a message and return it to the emissary. 25 Attack, Magic or Ranged
Combat 3 Go to Yanille where you will need to challenge then fight guards for three minutes by placing your emissary banner in the flower bed near the POH portal. You must keep fighting guards, do no stop or you'll lose their attention and will need to start again. 30 Attack, Magic or Ranged
Combat 4 Head to the Kalphite Hive and kill kalphites until one drops a curved artefact. 40 Attack, Magic or Ranged
Combat 5 Kill jogres in Karamja and collect 5 jogre talismans; kill demons at the Karamja volcano until one drops a demon horn; and kill dragons in the Taverley Dungeon until one drops a perfect blue dragon scale. 50 Attack, Magic or Ranged
Combat 6 Take the prepared curved artefact to the desert near the fire altar and speak the final words of power. Be prepared for combat... You are being watched. Bring the empowered curved artefact back to the emissary. 55 Attack, Magic or Ranged
Skill 1 Bring either 3 bowls of scrambled egg, or 3 bronze 2h swords that you have made yourself to the emissary. 13 Smithing or 12 Cooking
Skill 2 Fish, mine or cut down trees until you have found 5 metal fragments. You will find fragments in coal, gold, mithril, adamantite or runite rocks; while fishing for salmon, tuna, rainbow fish, lobster, bass, swordfish, karambwan, monkfish or shark; and while cutting willow, teak, maple, mahogany, yew, and magic trees. 30 Fishing or 30 Mining or 30 Woodcutting
Skill 3 Build a bonfire (requires 4 of the same type of logs) or a flag (requires 4 of the same type of cloth) using your emissary banner in Varrock Square, Rimmington Well, Ardougne Marketplace and Draynor Marketplace. 40 Crafting or 40 Firemaking
Skill 4 Pickpocket bandits or guards (desert bandits, menaphite thugs, knights of ardougne, heroes , paladins), or hunt implings (eclectic, spirit, nature, magpie, ninja, pirate, dragon, zombie, or kingly imps) anywhere until you have 5 metal fragments, and return them to the emissary. 50 Thieving or 50 Hunter
Skill 5 Collect 4 small gemstones, 4 smooth stones and 4 strong sticks, one of which must be of high quality (either a very smooth stone, fine small gemstone or well-cut strong sticks). Do this by using the emissary banner on or near any tree, rock or fishing spot. Take them to an anvil and use the artefact you were given on the anvil to prepare it. Then add runes in the following order : fire, earth, air, water, body, mind to make an empowered metal artefact. Return this to the emissary. 30 Woodcutting & Fishing & Mining
70 in either Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining
Total of 100 in Smithing & Crafting
Total of 200 in Summoning & Prayer & Magic & Runecrafting
Exploration 1 Visit shops that sell metal helmet - Barbarian Village, bodies - varrock , legs al kharid and shields - Falador. Ask the store owners to supply your chosen faction. -
Exploration 2 Use your emissary banner to locate strange fragments at 8 of the following locations: west of the Cooks' Guild; north-east of The Grand Exchange; east of the Varrock lodestone; north-west of the Dwarven Mine; east of the Gamers' Grotto; the west wall of Al-Kharid; the east wall of Al-Kharid due north of fire altar; east of the Clan Camp; south of Port Sarim; south-west of Melzar's Maze; The cow field north east of Lumbridge; south-east of Draynor Manor. -
Exploration 3 Use your banner on prayer altars to find 4 hidden messages. -
Exploration 4 Take the strange artefact to the fire, then the water, earth, air, mind and finally the body altar to make an empowered strange artefact. -


Rewards for Declaring your Support

All players who declare their support for a faction will received a title, a book and a banner representing your chosen alignment.

Faction Banner Title
Armadyl Banner of armadyl
Banner of Armadyl
of Armadyl
Bandos Banner of Bandos
Banner of Bandos
of Bandos
The Godless Banner of the Godless
Banner of the Godless
of the Godless
Saradomin Banner of Saradomin
Banner of Saradomin
of Saradomin
Seren Banner of Seren
Banner of Seren
of Seren
Sliske Banner of Sliske
Banner of Sliske
of Sliske
Zamorak Banner of Zamorak
Banner of Zamorak
of Zamorak
Zaros Banner of Zaros
Banner of Zaros
of Zaros

Job Rewards Members icon

For every job you complete, XP will be granted. There are a number of caveats however:

^ XP can be put in any combat skill
* XP in any combat skill where the amount granted is no more than a third of the amount you already have in that skill.
# XP is only rewarded if you used that skill in the job
& Requires level 50 in the skill in order to receive it
% Requires level 50 in Agility in order to receive the total amount. If your level is smaller than this, you will receive portions of the reward at level 1, level 20 and level 30.

Job Combat Reward Skilling Reward Exploration Reward
Job 1 500 ^ * 750 in either Cooking or Smithing #
1,000 coins
500 Agility %
Job 2 2,000 * 4,000 in either Fishing, Mining or Woodcutting # 2,000 Agility %
Job 3 4,000 * 7,500 in either Crafting or Firemaking # 3,000 Agility %
Job 4 7,500 * 10,000 Hunter or Thieving 7,500 Agility %
Job 5 10,000 * 10,000 in either Fishing, Mining or Woodcutting & #
10,000 in either Crafting or Smithing & #
10,000 in either Magic, Runecrafting, Summoning or Prayer & #
Job 6 2x 10,000 * - -
Book of the Gods

Your Book of the Gods will be improved for completing jobs, with new pages being unlocked for completing more jobs (unlocks at 3, 6, and 9 jobs). When you have completed all of the jobs, your book will contain stories on all the factions.

Your banner will be upgraded 3 times, once per completed set of jobs. These upgrades offer boosts to your skill levels. These boosts can be used once per day and last for 30 minutes when activated. They provide the following:

  • Combat boost - temporarily boosts your Attack, Defence, Strength, Ranged and Magic levels by 5
  • Skill boost - temporarily boosts one of your choice in the following skills by 2 levels: Fishing, Mining, Runecrafting, Crafting, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fletching, Construction, Hunter, Thieving, Cooking, Herblore, Farming
  • Exploration boost - temporarily boosts your Agility level by 2

Please note that the damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down) when using the Legacy combat system.

details title.png statistics title.png bonuses title.png
item title.png level title.png class title.png armour title.png accuracy title.png damage title.png prayer icon.png constitution icon.png strength icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
Banner of Armadyl 5 Melee 0 150 111 0 0 0 0 0
Banner of Armadyl inventory icon

Finally, for completing all of the jobs, you will be rewarded a relic helm. If you lose this helm you can reclaim it from your emissary for 80,000 coins.

Please note that the damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down) when using the Legacy combat system.

details title.png statistics title.png bonuses title.png
item title.png level title.png class title.png armour title.png accuracy title.png damage title.png prayer icon.png constitution icon.png strength icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
Relic helm of Armadyl Members icon 60 Combat 146 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Relic helm of Armadyl inventory icon

Development Team

Content Team
Developer: Nick M
Designer: David O
Producer: Giulyanna S
Edit: William D
Stories: John A (Bandos, Zaros), Steve R (Seren), Dave O (The Godless), James C (Zamorak), Nick M (Armadyl, Saradomin), Oliver H (Sliske)
Graphics Team
Animation: Brad A, Wing C
Characters: Bajinder S
Environment: Matthew N
UI: Tursan R
QA Team
Core Testers: (Project Lead:Alex D) Ben L, Philip W
Audio Team
Audio: Adam R

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