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The emotes interface
The emotes interface

The emotes interface is an action window. It allows you to view what emotes you have unlocked for your character. The emotes interface displays all of the emotes that you can unlock, and highlights the ones you can use. Some emotes are only available in certain areas, for example the Clan Theatre emotes.

As with the majority of action windows you can adjust its size, swap and dock it with other interfaces, and move it around your game window.

Emotes are pre-defined actions that your character can do. There are a lot of ways to unlock emotes, such as completing holiday events, quests and achievements as well as earning them through the Members Loyalty Programme. Some pets and clothing items come with built-in emotes.

The emotes that are available to you are rendered in full colour, while those that are currently locked are displayed as shadows of figures. You can unlock these emotes by completing quests, special holiday events and random events. You might like to start opening new emotes by exploring the Stronghold of Security.

To activate an emote simply click on its icon and your character will perform it.

You can filter your emotes using the drop down list on the bottom left of the emotes interface. The categories are:

  • All
  • All (unlocked)
  • Greetings
  • Conversation
  • Dance
  • Feelings
  • Mime
  • Zombie
  • Holiday
  • Achievements
  • Weather
  • Treasure Trails
  • Loyalty
  • Clan Stage
  • Clan Audience
  • Store Emotes

Note that when in Legacy mode the interface functions exactly the same. The only difference is that it will have a slightly different appearance, cannot be moved or otherwise modified, and is accessed via the ribbon, rather than being docked with the chat interface.



These emotes are available to every player from when they are first in-game.

Yes emote icon
Think emote icon
Beckon emote icon
Dance emote icon
Cry emote icon
Clap emote icon
No emote icon
Wave emote icon
Laugh emote icon
Jig emote icon
Blow Kiss emote icon
Blow Kiss
Salute emote icon
Bow emote icon
Curtsy emote icon

Shrug emote icon
Jump For Joy emote icon
Jump For Joy
Twirl emote icon
Panic emote icon
Angry emote icon
Cheer emote icon
Yawn emote icon
Headbang emote icon
Raspberry emote icon


* = For players with a male avatar, Bow is the default emote and icon. For players with a female avatar, Curtsy is the default emote and icon. Whilst the default emote is performed via left-click, both emotes can be performed by right-clicking and choosing Bow or Curtsy as desired.

Random event

These emotes were previously obtained from random events but can now be unlocked when a piece of the related outfit is purchased from Iffie.

Emote Obtained Emote Obtained
Glass Box emote icon
Glass Box
Buy a piece of the mime costume.
Climb Rope emote icon
Climb Rope
Buy a piece of the mime costume.
Lean emote icon
Buy a piece of the mime costume.
Glass Wall emote icon
Glass Wall
Buy a piece of the mime costume.
Zombie Walk emote icon
Zombie Walk
Buy a piece of the zombie outfit.
Zombie Dance emote icon
Zombie Dance
Buy a piece of the zombie outfit.

Holiday event

These emotes are obtained from holiday events.

Emote Obtained Emote Obtained
Scared emote icon
Hallowe'en 2005 event
Bunny-hop emote icon
Easter 2006 event
Zombie Hand emote icon
Zombie Hand
Hallowe'en 2007 event
Snowman Dance emote icon
Snowman Dance
Christmas 2007 event
Trick emote icon
Hallowe'en 2008 event
Give Thanks emote icon
Give Thanks
Thanksgiving 2008 event
Freeze emote icon
Christmas 2008 event
Around the World in Eggty Days emote icon
Around the World in Eggty Days
Easter 2009 event
Dramatic Point emote icon
Dramatic Point
Christmas 2009 event
Puppet Master emote icon
Puppet Master
Hallowe'en 2010 event
Seal of Approval emote icon
Seal of Approval
Christmas 2010 event
Invoke Spring emote icon
Invoke Spring
Easter 2011 event
Living on borrowed time emote icon
Living on Borrowed Time
Hallowe'en 2011 event
Chaotic Cookery emote icon
Chaotic Cookery
Christmas 2011 event
Celebrate emote icon
Diamond Jubilee
Mexican Wave emote icon
Mexican Wave
Gielinor Games (1000 contribution points)
Sunbathe emote icon
Sizzling Summer
Sportsman emote icon
Gielinor Games (1000 contribution points)
Love at First Sight emote icon
Love at First Sight
Valentines 2013 event
Jealous Rage emote icon
Jealous Rage
Valentines 2013 event
Butterfly Dervish emote icon
Butterfly Dervish
Tribute to Guthix
Super September emote icon
Super September
Super September (complete 15 challenges)
The Architect emote icon
The Architect
Lumbridge Rebuildathon
Rockin' Around the Tree emote icon
Rockin' Around the Tree
Christmas 2013 event
Loved Up emote icon
Loved Up
Valentines 2014 event
Down to Earth emote icon
Down to Earth
Valentines 2014 event
Catch Ghost
Catch Ghost
Hallowe'en 2014 event
Cracker pull emote icon
Cracker Pull
Christmas 2014 event
Efficiency Efficiency Valentines 2015 event No More! No More! Valentines 2015 event


These emotes are obtained from quests.

Emote Obtained Emote Obtained
Goblin Bow emote icon
Goblin Bow
The Lost Tribe
Goblin Salute emote icon
Goblin Salute
The Lost Tribe
Troubadour Dance emote icon
Troubadour Dance
One Piercing Note
Pulled Away emote icon
Pulled Away
Broken Home


These emotes are earned through completing achievements.

Emote Obtained Emote Obtained
Wear a cape of accomplishment or a cape of distinction.
Complete the beginner set of Lumbridge/Draynor Achievements.
Air Guitar
Air Guitar
Unlock 500 music tracks.
Demonic Rock Off
Demonic Rock Off
Unlock 1000 music tracks.
Complete all tasks in the task system.

Members Loyalty Programme

These emotes can be purchased through the Members Loyalty Programme.

Emote Cost Emote Cost
Cat Fight emote icon
Cat Fight
500 loyalty points
Face-palm emote icon
750 loyalty points
Shake Hands emote icon
Shake Hands
750 loyalty points
High Five emote icon
High Five
750 loyalty points
Surrender emote icon
750 loyalty points
Talk to the Hand emote icon
Talk to the Hand
750 loyalty points
Palm-fist emote icon
750 loyalty points
Golf Clap emote icon
Golf Clap
750 loyalty points
Breathe Fire emote icon
Breathe Fire
1,000 loyalty points
Levitate emote icon
1,000 loyalty points
Muscle-man Pose emote icon
Muscle-man Pose
1,000 loyalty points
ROFL emote icon
1,000 loyalty points
Bring It! emote icon
Bring It!
1,000 loyalty points
Evil Laugh emote icon
Evil Laugh
1,000 loyalty points
You're Dead emote icon
You're Dead
1,000 loyalty points
Snow emote icon
4,000 loyalty points
Storm emote icon
4,000 loyalty points
Hula Hoop emote icon
Hula Hoop
4,000 loyalty points
Head in the Sand emote icon
Head in the Sand
6,000 loyalty points
Scream emote icon
6,000 loyalty points
LOLcano emote icon
6,000 loyalty points
Disappear emote icon
12,000 loyalty points
Ghost emote icon
12,000 loyalty points
Divine Power emote icon
Divine Power
12,000 loyalty points
Infernal Power emote icon
Infernal Power
12,000 loyalty points
Tornado emote icon
12,000 loyalty points
ROFLcopter emote icon
12,000 loyalty points
Nature's Might emote icon
Nature's Might
12,000 loyalty points
Inner Power emote icon
Inner Power
12,000 loyalty points
Werewolf Transformation emote icon
Werewolf Transformation
12,000 loyalty points

Solomon's General Store

These emotes can be purchased from Solomon's General Store.

Emote Store description Cost
Runecoins Runecoins Members icon Loyalty points
Breakdance emote icon
The latest dance craze sweeping across Gielinor. 140 126 22,400
Break Wind emote icon
Break Wind
He who smelt it, dealt it. 124 112 19,840
Gravedigger emote icon
Show your opponents just where they'll end up if they choose to mess with you. 110 99 17,600
Mahjarrat Transformation emote icon
Mahjarrat Transformation
Mages have assured us that absorbing the power of the Mahjarrat has no long term harmful effects. 98 88 15,680
Frog Transformation emote icon
Frog Transformation
This emote will not make you poisonous, amphibious or enjoy the taste of flies… probably. 95 86 15,360
Kick Sand emote icon
Kick Sand
Sandcastles, beware! Show the world you're not one to be trifled with. 120 108 19,200
Crab Transformation emote icon
Crab Transformation
When not swimming, eating or plotting your doom, crabs often practice the art of dance. 140 94 16,640
Lightning Blast emote icon
Lightning Blast
Show your mastery over the element of air, from tiny spark to devastating lightning strike! 92 83 N/A
Ring of Fire emote icon
Ring of Fire
Show your control over the element of fire - scorch the earth, and emerge unscathed! 92 83 N/A
Rock Smash emote icon
Rock Smash
Show your mastery over earth by summoning a protective shell of rock, then show your power by smashing it to pieces! 92 83 N/A
Water Dance emote icon
Water Dance
Show your mastery over the element of water by using jets to create a playful performance. 92 83 N/A
RuneScape through the Ages emote ion
RuneScape through the Ages
Celebrate RuneScape history with this brand new emote! RuneScape Through the Ages takes your player on a nostalgia trip that commemorates RuneScape's past. Designed by player JeysusChrist for our Design an Emote Competition 2014! 90 81 9,000
Cute Bunny emote icon
Cute Bunny
Celebrate a fuzz-filled Easter with this emote! The cutest of bunnies literally at your feet! 88 80 N/A
Sneaky Bunny emote icon
Sneaky Bunny
This bunny is not your friend! Celebrate Easter with the sneaky bunny - hold onto the basket tight! 88 80 N/A

The following emotes are available as part of packages and cannot be purchased separately.

Emote Obtained Emote Obtained
Backflip emote icon
Part of the Assassin Pack.
Thruster Stomp emote icon
Thruster Stomp
Part of the Dwarven Warsuit Pack.
Robot Dance emote icon
Robot Dance
Part of the Dwarven Warsuit Pack.
Ariane's Power emote icon
Ariane's Power
Part of the Ariane Pack.
Ozan's Smile emote icon
Ozan's Smile
Part of the Ozan Pack.
Owen's Mastery emote icon
Owen's Mastery
Part of the Sir Owen Pack.
Linza's Arsenal emote icon
Linza's Arsenal
Part of the Linza Pack. Talk to Skull emote icon Talk to Skull Part of the Actor pack.
Plead emote icon Plead Part of the Actor pack. Gesture emote icon Gesture Part of the Actor pack.
Slight nod emote icon Slight nod Part of the Actor pack. Gentle No emote icon Gentle No Part of the Actor pack.
Contemplate emote icon Contemplate Part of the Actor pack. Dejected emote icon Dejected Part of the Actor pack.
Decisive emote icon Decisive Part of the Actor pack. Shock emote icon Shock Part of the Actor pack.
Sob emote icon Sob Part of the Actor pack. Excited emote icon Excited Part of the Actor pack.
Distress emote icon Distress Part of the Actor pack. Restrained anger emote icon Restrained anger Part of the Actor pack.
Innocent emote icon Innocent Part of the Actor pack. Conspire emote icon Conspire Part of the Actor pack.
Talk emote icon Talk Part of the Actor pack.

Clan Theatre

These emotes can only be used while inside the Clan Theatre.

Kneel (Theatre) emote icon
Begging (Theatre) emote icon
Stir Cauldron (Theatre) emote icon
Stir Cauldron
Cheer (Theatre) emote icon
Tantrum (Theatre) emote icon
Dramatic Death (Theatre) emote icon
Dramatic Death
Jump & Yell (Theatre) emote icon
Jump & Yell
Point (Theatre) emote icon
Punch (Theatre) emote icon
Raise Hand (Theatre) emote icon
Raise Hand
Make Speech (Theatre) emote icon
Make Speech
Sword Fight (Theatre) emote icon
Sword Fight
Raise Hand (Sitting) emote icon
Raise Hand (Sitting)
Wave (Sitting) emote icon
Wave (Sitting)
Cheer (Sitting) emote icon
Cheer (Sitting)
Throw Tomato (Sitting) emote icon
Throw Tomato (Sitting)
Throw Flowers (Sitting) emote icon
Throw Flowers (Sitting)
Agree (Sitting) emote icon
Agree (Sitting)
Point (Sitting) emote icon
Point (Sitting)
Whistle (Sitting) emote icon
Whistle (Sitting)
Thumbs Up (Sitting) emote icon
Thumbs Up (Sitting)
Thumbs Down (Sitting) emote icon
Thumbs Down (Sitting)
Clap (Sitting) emote icon
Clap (Sitting)

Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza

These emotes can only be used while inside the circus.

Small hop (circus) emote icon Small hop One-leg balance (circus) emote icon One-leg balance Twirl (circus) emote icon Twirl Handstand (circus) emote icon Handstand Cartwheel (circus) emote icon Cartwheel Small leap (circus) emote icon Small leap
No-hand (circus) cartwheel emote icon No-hand cartwheel Forward roll (circus) emote icon Forward roll Large leap (circus) emote icon Large leap Backflip (circus) emote icon Backflip Juggle (circus) emote icon Juggle

The Battle of Lumbridge

These emotes were obtained from The Battle of Lumbridge.

Emote Cost Emote Cost
Saradomin's Glory (Tier 1)
Saradomin's Glory (Tier 1)
3,000 renown
Saradomin's Glory (Tier 2)
Saradomin's Glory (Tier 2)
4,500 renown
Saradomin's Glory (Tier 3)
Saradomin's Glory (Tier 3)
6,000 renown
Zamorak's Might (Tier 1)
Zamorak's Might (Tier 1)
3,000 renown
Zamorak's Might (Tier 2)
Zamorak's Might (Tier 2)
4,500 renown
Zamorak's Might (Tier 3)
Zamorak's Might (Tier 3)
6,000 renown

The Bird and the Beast

These emotes were obtained from The Bird and the Beast.

Emote Cost Emote Cost
Armadyl's Glory (Tier 1)
Armadyl's Glory (Tier 1)
23,000 renown
Armadyl's Glory (Tier 2)
Armadyl's Glory (Tier 2)
40,000 renown
Armadyl's Glory (Tier 3)
Armadyl's Glory (Tier 3)
165,000 renown
Bandos's Might (Tier 1)
Bandos's Might (Tier 1)
23,000 renown
Bandos's Might (Tier 2)
Bandos's Might (Tier 2)
40,000 renown
Bandos's Might (Tier 3)
Bandos's Might (Tier 3)
165,000 renown


These emotes are unlocked by completing laps of the Prifddinas Agility Course.

Hefin Bow emote icon
Hefin Bow
Hefin Crane emote icon
Hefin Crane
Hefin Lotus emote icon
Hefin Lotus
Hefin Ward emote icon
Hefin Ward

Other emotes

Emote Obtained Emote Obtained
Sunbathe emote icon
Sizzling Summer Idea emote icon Idea Stronghold of Security
Stomp emote icon Stomp Stronghold of Security Flap emote icon Flap Stronghold of Security
Slap Head emote icon Slap Head Stronghold of Security Safety First emote icon Safety First Stronghold of Player Safety
Faint emote icon Faint Mime court case Walk the Plank Walk the Plank Treasure Hunter
Ghostly Wardrobe Ghostly Wardrobe Treasure Hunter


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