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Members iconEnakhra
Released 23rd January 2006
Race Mahjarrat
Quests Enakhra's Lament
Ritual of the Mahjarrat
The World Wakes
Missing, Presumed Death
Location Enakhra's Temple
Examine *A mysterious hooded woman.
A vicious and vindictive Mahjarrat.

Enakhra is a Mahjarrat and a follower of Zamorak. She is the only remaining female Mahjarrat, which makes her a minor target to be sacrificed. Enakhra is devoted to Zamorak and built a temple representing him, in which she trapped another Mahjarrat she has been in continuous conflict with, Akthanakos. You meet them both in the Enakhra's Lament quest first, and then in Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest. They also appear at the end of the Koschei's Story miniquest, attempting to persuade Kharshai to join them.

The World Wakes

Enakhra appears as a boss in The World Wakes. She is level-140 and fights using magic, but once she drops below 75% health she will start leeching your life points to heal herself. When this happens you should hide behind a pillar or large rock to break the connection. Enakhra will teleport to keep you in view, so be ready to move again. At 50% health, Enakhra may attempt to pin you to the ground so you cannot hide from her life-leech - click repeatedly on her or the ground, or use the Freedom ability to break loose.

Ranged attacks work best against Enahkra, plus they allow you to stay close to a pillar so you can quickly hide before she regains too much health.

Mahjarrat Memories

You will find Enakhra's memory in Enakhra's Temple.




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