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Enchant Crossbow Bolt

Enchant Crossbow Bolt
Spell icon for Enchant Crossbow Bolt
Description unknown [Edit]
Magic Level 4
XP Varies
Spellbook Standard Spellbook
Runes Varies
Element Unknown [Edit]
Base damage Unknown [Edit]

Enchant Crossbow Bolt is a skill-based spell that allows the user to enchant gem-tipped crossbow bolts with special powers. The power given varies depending on the gem being enchanted - stronger gems will require more runes and a higher Magic level to enchant.

Once bolts have been enchanted they have a small chance of unleashing their power when fired at opponents. Each spell cast will enchant up to 10 bolts - below is a table showing the different enchantments.

enchant crossbow bolt.jpg
Enchant Crossbow Bolt spell menu
Bolt Level Runes XP Effect
bronze opal.gif
4 Magic crune.gif x1, arune.gif x2 9 Deals extra damage.
mithril sapphire.gif
7 Magic crune.gif x1, wrune.gif x1, chrune.gif x1 17 Siphons Prayer points from target.
blurite jade.gif
14 Magic crune.gif x1, erune.gif x2 19 Knocks down opponent.
iron pearl.gif
24 Magic crune.gif x1, wrune.gif x2 29 Deals extra water-based damage.
mithril emerald.gif
27 Magic crune.gif x1, arune.gif x3, nrune.gif x1 37 Greater chance of poisoning target.
steel topaz.gif
29 Magic crune.gif x1, frune.gif x2 33 Lowers a player opponent's Magic.
adamantite ruby.gif
49 Magic crune.gif x1, frune.gif x5, blrune.gif x1 59 Drains 10% of your life points, and 20% of the target's life points.
adamantite diamond.gif
57 Magic crune.gif x1, erune.gif x10, lrune.gif x2 67 Ignores most of a target's ranged defence.
runite dragonstone.gif
68 Magic crune.gif x1, erune.gif x15, srune.gif x1 78 Inflicts dragonfire damage.
runite onyx.gif
87 Magic crune.gif x1, frune.gif x20, drune.gif x1 97 Deals extra damage and siphons life points.
ascendri bolts (e).gif
90 Magic crune.gif x1, frune.gif x20, drune.gif x1 120 On hitting a target, you may gain a deathmark for 15 seconds. While marked you gain 1% extra adrenaline per hit on any target. The mark can be refreshed while active.

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