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Enriched brilliant wisp

member badge tiny.pngEnriched brilliant wisp
enriched brilliant wisp.png
Level 80 Divination
XP 5
Location Brilliant colony - East of The Slayer Tower
Examine An enriched tier 9 wisp/spring of energy, harvestable by those with Divination 80 or above. Enriched wisps always give enriched memories.

Enriched brilliant wisps are collections of energy from the fallen barrier that once protected Gielinor during the Fourth Age and the Fifth Age. They are made up of combination of energies from both Guthix and the Anima Mundi.

Clicking on a wisp will stop it from moving and it will turn into a spring of energy that will last a random amount of time between 3 and 45 seconds. This time is not affected by gathering from it.

You can gather enriched memories from these wisps for use in the Divination skill. You will not always get memories for harvesting, although you will always get XP and energy.

Enriched wisps can be prolonged by the first four players (of the correct Divination level and with a memory in their inventory) to click on them. This will donate a memory to the wisp in exchange for it staying around longer.

You can find enriched brilliant wisps in The Slayer Tower wisp colony.

You can gather from an enriched brilliant wisp at level 80 Divination and doing so will gain you 18 Divination XP per collection.