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Evolution of Combat

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The Evolution of Combat - or EoC for short - is a combat mode that operates independently of the Legacy system.

EoC is the more versatile of the two combat systems. It allows you to mix up your fighting style using abilities. These abilities allow you to perform special moves and heal yourself, amongst other things. You will find a list of abilities sorted by combat style in the powers interface. You'll also find defensive and strength abilities here as well as prayers/curses for more advanced combat techniques.

There are three types of ability:

  • Basic - These abilities are quick, usually damage based, abilities that can generate Adrenaline. Adrenaline is used to perform more advanced and stronger abilities such as threshold and ultimate.
  • Threshold - Threshold abilities do more damage than basic abilities, but they also drain 15% of your adrenaline when cast. Threshold abilities require 50% adrenaline to use.
  • Ultimate - These are the most powerful of all abilities. Most of these abilities wipe your adrenaline bar completely, and do not generate adrenaline.

Some abilities have special requirements such as skill level, weapon requirements and, for Magic Abilities, rune costs. Unless you meet these requirements, you will not be able to use your chosen ability.

Most abilities are unlocked as you train your combat skills but some can be obtained in other ways. There are some abilities that can be unlocked by killing creatures in the God Wars Dungeon (Sacrifice, Devotion, Transfigure), some from completing The World Wakes quest (Balanced Strike, Death's Swiftness, Sunshine, Natural Instinct, Guthix's Blessing); and others from reading the Codex Ultimatus (Blood Tendrils, Shadow Tendrils, Smoke Tendrils, Ice Asylum).

Although manually activating your abilities can be far more versatile, there are other options for those who prefer a simpler interaction with EoC combat. Available through the combat settings interface, the combat mode offers three options for playing with EoC:

  • Full Manual - This selects your combat mode as manual i.e. you decide what abilities to activate and when.
  • Revolution - This selects your combat mode as revolution i.e. the first 9 abilities in your Action Bar will be used consecutively without input.
  • Momentum - This selects your combat mode as momentum i.e. your automatic attacks have increased damage and your basic abilities will be triggered automatically every 20 seconds. Attempting to manually activate basic or threshold abilities will result in momentum combat mode reverting back to full manual, but ultimate abilities can be activated manually without consequence.

The Evolution of Combat is activated by default, but if you have switched to another combat mode, you can reactivate it through the Combat Settings interface.

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