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Equipment is a classification given to items which can be worn or wielded. They are broadly divided into offensive weapons and defensive armour but also include other items such as jewellery.


Main article: Weapons

Weapons are offensive tools wielded in one (main hand or off-hand) or both of a player's hands. They vastly improve player's ability to deal damage to an opponent.

  • One handed
  • Two-handed
  • Off-hand

Melee Weapons

Main article: Melee Weapons

Melee weapons use physical attacks to inflict damage on an enemy. Players are able to use melee weapons that provide three separate styles of damage - crush, stab and slash.

There are two skills which determine what melee weapons a player can use and how much damage they do - Attack and Strength.

Ranged Weapons

Main article: Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons use projectile based attacks to inflict damage. Players are able to use ranged weapons of three different styles - determined by what ammunition they use - arrows, bolts or thrown weapons.

The Ranged skill determines what equipment a player is capable of using as a projectile weapon.

Mage Weapons

Main article: Magic Weapons

Magic weapons use arcane energy (typically corresponding to one of the four major elements, Air, Earth, Water or Fire) to damage opponents. To aid them in controlling the elements they can make use of different magical tools:

The players' Magic skill determines what weapons they can use to aid their magical attacks.

Off-Hand Items

There are a range of items that may be used as an alternative to an off-hand weapon, typically for defensive purposes. These include shields, shieldbows and books.


Main article: Shields


Main article: Shieldbows


Main article: Books


Main article: Armour

  • Armour rating
  • Life Bonus
  • Prayer bonus

Melee Armour

Main article: Melee Armour

Ranged Armour

Main article: Ranged Armour

Mage Armour

Main article: Magic Armour

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