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Evil Tree

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Note: Rewards for Evil Tree (an invisible Woodcutting boost) lasts for a set amount of time after it is granted. This is in-game time; if you log out, that time will only continue to count down once you log back in.

A player next to an evil tree
Beware its thrashing roots!

Nature is a curious beast: ordinarily, you can expect plants and animals to grow quite plainly, as they always have; on the odd occasion a sheep is born with two heads, or a unicorn without a horn, but for the most part these aberrations are harmless. Leprechauns rather like looking after plants, or at least watching them grow, and the first burst of life is a beauteous thing to them.

Sometimes, however, things don't follow the natural order of things. Whether it is because of some ancient, buried evil far below the ground, the influence of a savage god or demon, or simply the whim of nature itself, evil trees are known to appear from time to time, forever tainting the soil in which they grow. Leprechauns usually don't notice that the tree is evil until it is too late, and aren't much good at dealing with the problem as their small hands cannot grip a decent hatchet, and tinderboxes confound them.

This is where wandering adventurers come in handy...


The leprechaun's chathead

Evil trees occur in a variety of forms, some of which are harder to deal with, so good Farming, Woodcutting and Firemaking levels are an advantage. If you do not already have a tinderbox and hatchet on your toolbelt, the nearby leprechaun will supply you with these when the tree exhibits its evil tendencies.

Note that you can only nurture or attack two evil trees per day, so if you have already performed two actions, you will need to wait until midnight (game time) to perform more.

Getting Started

Dialogue when talking to a spirit tree
A spirit tree offers advice

Evil trees sprout around common Woodcutting areas and close to major paths, but are not terribly obvious until they reach maturity (at which point their terrifying visage makes them difficult to miss). If you are passing by an area in which one is growing, you may notice a small root burst from the ground and attempt to grab your ankles. Aside from being a malicious thing to do, this is an indication that one is close by.

You can also talk to the spirit trees to discover where one is likely to be, and when it has reached maturity, they will offer to teleport you directly to the arborist's nightmare. If there are no evil trees currently menacing the lands of RuneScape, however, they won't have much to say on the subject.

Sunbeam crown inventory icon

Players who have completed the Easter 2011 Event can use the sunbeam and icicle crown to contact the Queen of sunrise and the Queen of snow as an alternative to talking to spirit trees. The crowns also have the ability to teleport the player to an evil tree, but at the cost of one charge. The crown also gives more detail about saplings, by telling the player the type of sapling that has sprouted.

The first stage of an evil tree's growth is as a sapling (which is entirely unsurprising: it may well be wicked and vicious, but it is still a tree). During this time, the leprechaun will merrily wander about asking passing adventurers to help nurture the tree. Anyone with the required Farming level can nurture the sapling without any tools simply by clicking on it.

There are five growth stages before the sapling expresses its true nature, at which point you should discover that its thrashing roots prevent you from directly harming the tree itself. In order to get access to the tree, you will need to use a hatchet to hack the roots away.

Evil tree kindling inventory icon

Each set of roots cut back will become kindling, which you can then use to set a fire at the base of the tree in order to cause it more harm. The roots will grow back after some time, knocking back anyone attacking the tree nearby. Note that kindling can be kept for future use if you do not use it all.

When the tree is denuded of some of its roots, you can set fires as noted above or use your hatchet to hack into its bark. Harming a tree in either way requires a Woodcutting or Firemaking level, which you can see below:

Image Type Farming Level to Nurture* Firemaking Level to Burn Woodcutting Level to Hack
normal evil tree.gif
1 (20xp per stage) 1 1
oak evil tree.gif
7 (45xp per stage) 15 15
willow evil tree.gif
15 (66xp per stage) 30 30
maple evil tree.gif
22 (122xp per stage) 45 45
yew evil tree.gif
30 (173xp per stage) 60 60
magic evil tree.gif
37 (311xp per stage) 75 75
elder evil tree.gif
42 (688xp per stage) 90 90

* Note that despite a lower level requirement to nurture a tree, you will need to have the specified level in Woodcutting or Firemaking if you wish to harm the tree after you have nurtured it.

If the tree takes too long to die, nature will attempt to rid itself of the tree by striking it with lightning. The first strike will send the tree to 50% health, the second strike to 25% health, and the third strike will kill the tree.

Eventually, after some concerted efforts beating back thrashing roots and flailing bits of tree, it will die and the adventurers who have aided in its defeat will be able to claim their rewards. Your reward depends on how much you contributed to the fight and you can check this by right-clicking and inspecting the tree. Inspecting will stop you from harming the tree - you are busy, after all - so try not to do this too often. Once you reach 100% reward there is no more you need to contribute to the fight so if other players have yet to reach 100% reward, it will not benefit them for you to continue attacking. It is therefore considered polite to stop harming the tree until everyone is at 100%. After this, you can start again to help harm the tree more quickly if you like.

Warning: While the evil tree cannot attack your character for life points damage, it can spawn in areas with hostile creatures.


Evil trees can appear in different locations in the world, these locations are listed below.

Hint Possible locations
In a location with rare trees and ogres nearby West of Oo'glog, East of Mobilising Armies
SouthWest of Castle Wars
In a mine on the outskirts of a city West of Falador outside the walls
South of legends guild by yew trees
In the lands inhabited by elves North east of Tyras camp
South west of Lletya near a quest start
North as the crow flies from the market of Ardougne McGrubor's woods
South west of ranging guild
North as the crow flies from Seers' Village North of elemental workshop
East of Relleka player owned house portal
On the island known as Karamja Kharazi jungle - South centre coast
Near brimhaven dungeon
West of nature altar, North of shilo village
On the southern coast of a tropical island Kharazi jungle - South centre coast
Near ape atoll dungeon
Outside of city you call Varrock North of Varrock palace, outside the wall
Near the rift east of Varrock
To the South of a Gnome Settlement South of the gnome stronghold, next to the quest start
West of Yanille, outside the town near Lodestone
By a collection of yew trees South of the flax fields in Seers village
Close to a dungeon entrance and within a tropical jungle Near brimhaven dungeon
Near ape atoll dungeon
Close to a large collection of willow trees North of elemental workshop
By the willows at Draynor, south of the bank
South of the legends guild, by the yews
South west in the gnome stronghold, by the dungeon icon
Close to a place called "Draynor" South west of Draynor Manor
By the willows at Draynor, south of the bank
Close to a runecrafting altar West of nature altar, North of shilo village
South of the Monastry by Edgeville, near the body altar
Close to the Village you call "Seer's" McGrubor's Woods
South of the flax fields in Seers village
North of elemental workshop
Close to the home of "Legends" North of the guild, next to the Sorcerer's Tower
South of the guild, next to the yew trees
Close to the town you call "Yanille" North, near the eastern enterance and ivy
West, outside the doors near the musician
Due west of a town you call "Lumbridge" By the willows at Draynor, south of the bank


left|link=|alt=Coins inventory iconIn addition to the experience earned while dealing with the evil tree, you may receive a few items the tree dredged up from the earth through its massive root network or parts of the tree itself. This includes tree seeds, bird's nests, key halves, level 1 treasure trail clues, morchella mushroom spores and fellstalk seeds. You will always get gold coins and noted logs of the evil tree's type.

Further to this, you will also receive a temporary Woodcutting ability (lasts between 5 and 30 minutes dependant on the type of evil tree) that makes your logs automatically go to your bank if your inventory is full. This will affect normal, oak, willow, maple, yew and magic trees.

On top of this, each time you get some logs, there is a significantly reduced chance of the tree being felled, which should show a marked increase on your training efficiency. This reduced felling effect will not work on trees you have grown yourself in Farming patches.

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