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Exiled Kalphite Hive

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The Exiled Kalphite Hive is NOT the safest place in Gielinor. Aside from the soldiers and guardians that can poison you, this Exiled Kalphite Hive contains the Exiled Kalphite Queen and Kalphite King. The Exiled Kalphite Queen and her King are some of the toughest monsters in Gielinor, and they can inflict incredible amounts of damage, sometimes constantly. Please only bring items into the Exiled Kalphite Hive you are willing to lose.

Table of Contents
exiled kalphite hive intro.jpg
The Kalphite Graveyard
It remains unknown how two queens were chosen at the same time when the old queen of the kalphites passed away, but nevertheless it did occur and now the kalphites are at war with each other. Exiled from the original hive, the second queen set up a new home and now prepares for the inevitable war between the hives.

While the walk around the kalphite tunnels may seem punishing enough to most, climbing down to the Queen or King's chambers will offer a tougher fight for individuals or teams.


exiled kalphite hive location.jpg
Location of the Exiled Kalphite Hive

To get to the Exiled Kalphite Hive, you must enter the desert. The entrance is north-west of Sophanem. To get here, either:

Points of Interest

exiled kalphite hive points.jpg
Interesting areas of the Exiled Kalphite Hive
orange circle.png

Kalphite Graveyard
yellow circle.png

Entrance to the Queen's Chamber
green circle.png

Entrance to the King's Chamber
red circle.png

Kalphite guardians
purple circle.png

Kalphite soliders

The map to the left shows the layout of the Exiled Kalphite Hive.

Once you enter the hive, there is a short cut to the King's Chamber entrance directly in front of you, all you need is a pickaxe to clear it. To avoid being crushed by falling debris, you can only clear the shortcut from the side closest to the King's Chamber entrance. To crawl through the shortcut, you'll need an Agility level of 23.

The first exiled kalphites you come across - as you pass through the Kalphite Graveyard - are a mixture of the various exiled kalphite types: guardian, soldier and worker. The tunnels are also filled with these exiled kalphites. Other areas of the Exiled Kalphite Hive have a specific type of exiled kalphite. These are marked on the map.

The workers are the lowest level exiled kalphite that you can attack at level 108. They are not eager combatants and will often attempt to escape into the tunnels when panicked.

Going deeper into the tunnels, there is a large room full of kalphite soldiers. A room of exiled kalphite guardians awaits you at the entrance to the Queen's Chamber.


There are no quests to start in the Exiled Kalphite Hive.

The Exiled Kalphite Empire

Exiled kalphite worker ( Level 108 | Weak to weak to water.gif ) Exiled kalphite soldier ( Level 120 | Weak to weak to water.gif )
exiled kalphite worker.gif
Exiled kalphite workers are the lowest attackable form of exiled kalphite you will come across in the Exiled Kalphite Hive. They are not poisonous, and not really dangerous. If you are a lower level, watch out as they may be aggressive towards you.
exiled kalphite soldier.gif
Exiled kalphite soldiers are just like normal soldiers: toughened and good in a fight. These should be considered dangerous; they will pinch away at you, inflicting poison as well as the normal damage. If you are looking to fight these, it is wise you bring Antipoison.
The workers can be found busying themselves in the entrance area, or are summoned by the Exiled Kalphite Queen. Exiled kalphite soldiers are found throughout the tunnels.
Exiled kalphite paragon ( Level 120 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif ) Exiled kalphite guardian ( Level 140 | Weak to weak to water.gif )
exiled kalphite paragon.gif
Exiled kalphite paragons are all born with the power of magic in their squishy interiors. They are naturally gifted in the ways of magic and use their antennae to direct the force of their attacks.
exiled kalphite guardian.gif
The highest threat of the 'normal' exiled kalphites. These monsters enjoy nothing more than giving you a firm pinch, which not only damages, but inflicts poison. They should not be underestimated by any means, and should only be engaged if you think you are strong enough to take them on.
Exiled kalphite paragons are found throughout the tunnels. Exiled kalphite guardians are found at the entrance to and within the queen's lair. They also guard their king.
Exiled kalphite marauder ( Level 140 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif ) Kalphite King No weakness
exiled kalphite marauder.gif
As with their paragon brethren, the Exiled kalphite marauders are brimming with barely contained magical energies, just waiting to expel it on anyone who would threaten the hive. If you attack a marauder, be prepared for a tough fight.
kalphite king melee.gif
The kalphite king is the mightiest of all foes in the hive, even in all of RuneScape, it is advised to only fight him with a group of experience people.
The marauders are found deep within the hive, waiting to defend their king should he call. The kalphite king is found in a separate room just next to the shortcut and summoning obelisk entered through a gap in the floor.
Exiled kalphite queen No weakness
exiled kalphite queen first stage.gif
The mighty Queen of the Kalphite King.
This queen is found at the very end of the Hive in a separate room entered through a big hole in the floor.

Development Team

Developer: (Project Lead:Ian H) Ashleigh B
Design: Matthew H
Editor: William D
Environment: Paul R
Characters: Alec V
Animation: Stuart O
UI: Tom G
Quality Assurance:
Core Testers: (Project Lead:Daniel H) Lewis R, Alistair H, Graeme C, Juliet T, Sarah J, Andrew Y, Dan M
Audio: Ian T, Michael M,Adam B

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