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You must be level 43 to begin falconry

Elegant masters of the air, falcons have been tamed in some corners of the RuneScape world for the purpose of sport and hunting. Often used by wealthy merchants on their trips near the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, these beautiful birds of prey will bring down even the speediest of kebbit.

To have a go with the falcon, you will need to pay its owner for the privilege. Matthias, the falconry area owner near Piscatoris, will let you have a go for a princely 500gp, for as long a period as you feel necessary. You will also need to be level 43 or higher in Hunter to be trusted with his falcons.

When holding the bird, left-click on one of the kebbits to the north of its enclosure to cause the falcon to fly speedily towards it and hold it down with its talons. A swift walk to the falcon and downed kebbit will produce pelts that can be used to create lightweight clothing for furthering non-Hunter skills.

Falconry Locations

falconry hunting area.jpg
This way to the falconry area

Matthias and his falconry area lie far away from the bustling centres of RuneScape, past the Gnome Stronghold and near the Piscatoris Hunter Area. His prized falcons are available for a price, and only to those he feels are skilled enough to handle them - which is level 43 in the Hunter skill. None may take his falcons from the falconry area, however.

Falconry Creatures

Creature Levels
Experience Gained Hunter reward Notes Location
spotted kebbit.gif
Spotted kebbit
43 Hunter 104 Bones, spotted kebbit fur Fur can be made into spotted capes. Falconry Area
dark kebbit.gif
Dark kebbit
57Hunter 132 Bones, dark kebbit fur Fur can be made into gloves of silence. Falconry Area
dashing kebbit.gif
Dashing kebbit
69Hunter 156 Bones, dashing kebbit fur Fur can be made into spottier capes. Falconry Area

Falconry Rewards

The lightweight fur of the falcon's targets enable them to recover energy quickly, and the same goes for you when you make the spotted kebbit and dashing kebbit into useful items. The dark kebbit's fur can also be made into lightweight gloves for the purposes of pickpocketing. The fancy-dress store owner in Varrock (see 'Tracking' above for a map of his position) can make you these items for a price.

Item Levels required to wear item Uses
Spotted cape
40 Hunter Your weight is reduced while wearing this item.
Gloves of silence*
54 Hunter Your chances of being successful at pickpocketing are increased. If you are caught pickpocketing too often then the gloves degrade.
Spottier cape
66 Hunter Your weight is greatly reduced while wearing this item.

* Gloves of silence are damaged when you are caught pickpocketing, but they can be repaired. To check the state of your gloves, right-click on them and select 'Inspect'. If you'd like to fix them up a bit, use some more dark kebbit fur on them while you have a needle, thread and a knife in your inventory. This will restore them fully, although you must have a Crafting level of 64 to repair gloves of silence.

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