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Familiars are the summoned creatures that are brought to the game by players and (on occasion) NPCs .

Every familiar has different advantages: some are excellent fighters, but of no use when you're working on your skills, while others are great help when you're simply wandering about, but cannot fight at all.

Familiars come with a number of different skills and abilities which will put them into several broad categories. In order to understand what your familiar can do, you should familiarise yourself with the following explanations.

Fights This familiar will fight with you when you attack something, the level in brackets indicates the familiar's Combat level. You must always wear a charged helmet to increase the efficiency of the familiar. Note that you must choose to attack for it to come to your aid. The pack yak, unicorn stallion, bunyip and void spinner will only fight to defend themselves, and then only if you have auto-retaliate turned on.

Every familiar that can fight will also note the style. You will receive experience in that skill (or spread evenly in the case of 'Controlled' attacks) as well as Constitution as if you had inflicted the damage yourself.
Light enhancer Some familiars - notably bats - can see well in the dark and will make any light source you have with you brighter.
Right-click A small number of familiars have a special ability that they can use (normally in combat). To trigger one of these, right-click your familiar and select the name of the ability.
Skill boost Some familiars can temporarily raise your level in a given skill, while some other familiars provide an 'invisible' boost that is always active. The number in brackets indicates the size of the boost, and the term 'invisible' indicates that is always active as long as your familiar is close by.

'Invisible' skill boosts will not allow you to do anything above your normal level, they will only improve how successful or how quickly you can perform skill-based activities.
Remote view These familiars can fly into the air and allow you to see through their eyes, giving you the ability to see things much further away.
Beast of burden A beast of burden can carry a number of items equal to the number in brackets. In some cases, it will only be able to carry certain items, in which case they will be listed.
Forager A forager will find certain items from time to time, and can carry up to 30. You are only able to 'Withdraw' items from these familiars.

Summoning a Familiar

To summon a familiar you'll need the pouch for that familiar. Simply right-click on the pouch and select 'Summon'. You will see your familiar appear next to you. Note that you can only have one follower (either a pet or a familiar) out at any one time; there are also a very small number of areas that will not allow you to summon a familiar, usually only if you are standing very near a fully-charged obelisk.

When you summon a familiar, you will notice that your Summoning level begins to fall. Like Prayer, Summoning a familiar will drain your Summoning points, which can only be regained by visiting a Summoning obelisk or drinking a Summoning potion. You can see how many points you have remaining by looking at the Summoning icon next to your minimap.

To keep track of your familiar or to use its special move (by using a Summoning scroll), right-click the Summoning on the ribbon. This will bring up a range of options to choose from.

  • Follower details
  • Cast <Special Move>
  • Attack
  • Summon Pet
  • Open Pet Interface
  • Dismiss (identical to the dismiss button in the familiar interface, but does not ask for confirmation)
  • Call Follower
  • Interact
  • Renew Familiar
  • Take BoB (only if the familiar is a beast of burden)
  • Select left-click option (chooses what you will do by default when you click on your familiar directly)

Talking to your Familiar

translated chat.jpg
'Quardle ardle wardle doodle,' the magpie said.

As your Summoning level increases, you'll notice that you can understand what your familiars are saying. This is a natural ability you will learn as you become more experienced. To understand your familiars, you need a Summoning level 10 points higher than you do to summon it - for example, to understand a magpie, which requires a Summoning level of 47 to summon, you will need a Summoning level of 57.

Obviously, you can never understand a familiar with a Summoning level of 91, as you will not be able to boost your level above 100 (and only to 100 if you have the Summoning skillcape). In addition, abyssal creatures are strange, unnatural beasts, and will only speak in what seems to be gibberish.

Special Moves


All familiars have a 'special move' that can be activated by using a Summoning scroll. There are many different special moves, to see what your familiar does, please read Summoning Scrolls.

obelisk interface scrolls1.jpg
Scroll creation interface

To make Summoning scrolls, simply go to a fully-charged obelisk with some pouches of the type of familiar you want to make scrolls for. Click on the obelisk to bring up the pouch interface, then click on the 'Scrolls' tab at the top of the menu. You should then see an interface something like this:

If you have a pouch in your inventory, the relevant scroll will be highlighted. To create a scroll, simply click on the image to 'transform' a pouch into ten scrolls. You can transform several pouches at once by right-clicking and selecting '1', '5', '10', 'X' or 'All'.

Beside the pouch/scroll tabs is a filter button, so you can choose to see either all possible scrolls (with those you're currently able to create highlighted) or only those you're currently able to create.

You can store these scrolls on your combat familiars to save backpack space. Familiars can hold up to a maximum of 500 scrolls, and these will be used as priority over any scrolls in your backpack. Upon death or dismissal of the familiar these scrolls will either go to the floor or to your backpack. In PvP they will always be dropped on the floor.

Using special moves will use up some of your special move energy, which you can see at the top of the Summoning interface. Like special attack energy, this recharges over time. To see how much of your special move energy is used by each scroll, please see the Summoning Scrolls article.

Note that although many special moves will activate when you click the special move button, some special moves will require you to specify a target (the Bull Rush special moves, for instance).

For aggressive combat familiars you can have them automatically use a scroll in combat. To do this, right-click the special move bar on the familiar interface and select 'set autofire rate'. You can then enter a number between 0 and 15 to set how many attacks your familiar will perform before using its special attack. You must have the correct scrolls in your backpack or stored on your familiar for this to work.

Familiars in Combat

giant ent.gif

Many familiars are capable of helping you out in combat by attacking your opponents. Their attacks range from mild irritants, through to assaults capable of delivering massive damage or seriously reducing your enemy's statistics. Each combat familiar has a specific type of combat that they specialise in, and you will earn experience in that skill (as well as Constitution) as if you had inflicted the damage yourself. Familiars will also help with Slayer assignments and LootShare.

Of course, because your familiar is separate from you, they can only help you to fight in multicombat areas. To see the largest areas where your familiars can fight with you and use their special moves, please read the Summoning - Locations article.

To make the most of your familiars' special moves, you might like to invest in some headgear, which can store scrolls to be used randomly when your opponents hit you.

If you find yourself facing someone else who has a familiar (in the Duel Arena, for instance), you will find it useful to know that familiars' attacks are occasionally unlike the usual Melee, Ranged or Magic that you might expect. Most armour has a specific defence value against familiars' special moves and some of their stranger attacks, and if your Prayer level is high enough you may be able to use the Protect from Summoning prayer to minimise the damage you will receive from their attacks.


This is a list of familiars for the surface world. For Dungeoneering specific familiars see Dungeoneering/Summoning.

Familiar Level Time (Minutes) Experience Abilities
spirit wolf.gif

Spirit wolf
None 6 0.1 Fights (Level 0 - Attack)

4 Summoning 4 0.1 Fights (Level 8 - Magic)
Farming boost (1)
Dreadfowl Strike

Meerkats Members icon
4 Summoning 40 1 Right-click - Can be used as a sextant, and can be used to dig for treasure trail items
Fetch Casket
spirit spider.png

Spirit spider Members icon
10 Summoning 15 0.2 Fights (Level 0 - Controlled)
Produces red spiders' eggs
Egg Spawn
thorny snail.gif

Thorny snail Members icon
13 Summoning 16 0.2 Fights (Level 16 - Ranged)
Beast of burden (3)
Slime Spray
spirit war pig.gif

Spirit war pig Members icon
14 Summoning 17 0.9 Fights (Level 17 - Constitution)
+1 Farming boost
Bacon Blast
spirit pack pig.gif

Spirit pack pig Members icon
14 Summoning 17 0.9 Fights (Level 17 - Attack)
Beast of burden (4)
+1 Farming boost
spirit prayer pig.gif

Spirit prayer pig Members icon
14 Summoning 17 0.9 Fights (Level 17)
Restores prayer points (14, 44 or 84)
+1 Farming boost
granite crab.gif

Granite crab Members icon
16 Summoning 18 0.2 Fights (Level 19 - Defence)
Beast of burden (30)
Produces fish while summoner is Fishing
Fishing boost (1) - invisible
Stony Shell

Spirit mosquito Members icon
17 Summoning 12 0.5 Fights (Level 20 - Attack)
desert wyrm.gif

Desert wyrm Members icon
18 Summoning 19 0.4 Fights (Level 22 - Strength)
Right-click to gather ores
Mining boost (1) - invisible
Electric Lash
spirit scorpion.png

Spirit scorpion Members icon
19 Summoning 17 0.9 Fights (Level 23 - Controlled)
Venom Shot
spirit tz kih.gif

Spirit Tz-Kih Members icon
22 Summoning 18 1.1 Fights (Level 26 - Magic)
Despair - when fighting other players, the Tz-Kih will drain your opponent's Prayer instead of inflicting damage
Fireball Assault
albino rat.gif

Albino rat Members icon
23 Summoning 22 2.3 Fights (Level 27 - Attack)
Beast of burden (30)
Forager - stores cheese after scroll use
Cheese Feast
spirit kalphite.gif

Spirit kalphite Members icon
25 Summoning 22 2.5 Fights (Level 29 - Defence)
Beast of burden (6)
compost mound.gif

Compost mound Members icon
28 Summoning 24 0.6 Fights (Level 34 - Strength)
Beast of burden (30)
Farming boost (1 + 2% of your level)
Use a bucket on your compost mound to get compost - deals 20 damage to your familiar
Generate Compost
giant chinchompa.gif

Giant chinchompa Members icon
29 Summoning 31 2.9 Fights (Level 35 - Ranged)
vampyre bat.png

Vampyre bat Members icon
31 Summoning 33 1.5 Fights (Level 36 - Controlled)
Can heal itself slightly when it damages an enemy
Light enhancer
Vampyre Touch
honey badger.gif

Honey badger Members icon
32 Summoning 25 1.6 Fights (Level 38 - Strength)
Ferocious - chance of attacking again without delay
Insane Ferocity

Beaver Members icon
33 Summoning 27 0.7 Beast of burden (30)
Woodcutting boost (2) - invisible
Gathers logs and planks
Fletcher - counts as a knife for Fletching purposes
void shifter.gif

Void shifter Members icon
34 Summoning 94 0.7 Fights (Level 41 - Attack)
Teleporter - if you are in combat and have less than 10% of your life points, it will teleport you to the Void Knight Outpost
Call to Arms
void torcher.gif

Void torcher Members icon
34 Summoning 94 0.7 Fights (Level 41 - Magic)
Right-click Strike - inflicts 10 extra damage with this attack
Call to Arms
void spinner.gif

Void spinner Members icon
34 Summoning 27 0.7 Fights (Level 41 - Defence)
Heals summoner for 10 life points regularly
Call to Arms
void ravager.gif

Void ravager Members icon
34 Summoning 27 0.7 Fights (Level 41 - Strength)
Beast of burden (30)
Gathers ores
Mining boost (1)
Mining boost (1) - invisible
Call to Arms
bronze minotaur.gif

Bronze minotaur Members icon
36 Summoning 30 3.6 Fights (Level 43 - Defence)
Bronze Bull Rush
bull ant.gif

Bull ant Members icon
40 Summoning 30 0.6 Fights (Level 47 - Controlled)
Beast of burden (9)

Macaw Members icon
41 Summoning 31 0.8 Beast of burden (30)
Remote view
Gathers herbs
Improved herb drops
evil turnip.gif

Evil turnip Members icon
42 Summoning 30 2.1 Fights (Level 50 - Ranged)
Beast of burden (30)
Forager - evil turnip slices
Can heal itself slightly when using Ranged attacks
Evil Flames
spirit cockatrice.gif

Spirit cockatrice Members icon
43 Summoning 36 0.9 Fights (Level 51 - Magic)
Beast of burden (30)
Right-click Drain - inflicts damage and drains a combat stat (varies according to type)
Forager - cockatrice eggs
Petrifying Gaze
spirit guthatrice.gif

Spirit guthatrice Members icon
43 Summoning 36 0.9 Fights (Level 51 - Magic)
Beast of burden (30)
Right-click Drain - inflicts damage and drains a combat stat (varies according to type)
Forager - cockatrice eggs
Petrifying Gaze
spirit saratrice.gif

Spirit saratrice Members icon
43 Summoning 36 0.9 Fights (Level 51 - Magic)
Beast of burden (30)
Right-click Drain - inflicts damage and drains a combat stat (varies according to type)
Forager - cockatrice eggs
Petrifying Gaze
spirit zamatrice.gif

Spirit zamatrice Members icon
43 Summoning 36 0.9 Fights (Level 51 - Magic)
Beast of burden (30)
Right-click Drain - inflicts damage and drains a combat stat (varies according to type)
Forager - cockatrice eggs
Petrifying Gaze
spirit pengatrice.gif

Spirit pengatrice Members icon
43 Summoning 36 0.9 Fights (Level 51 - Magic)
Beast of burden (30)
Right-click Drain - inflicts damage and drains a combat stat (varies according to type)
Forager - cockatrice eggs
Petrifying Gaze
spirit coraxatrice.gif

Spirit coraxatrice Members icon
43 Summoning 36 0.9 Fights (Level 51 - Magic)
Beast of burden (30)
Right-click Drain - inflicts damage and drains a combat stat (varies according to type)
Forager - cockatrice eggs
Petrifying Gaze
spirit vulatrice.gif

Spirit vulatrice Members icon
43 Summoning 36 0.9 Fights (Level 51 - Magic)
Beast of burden (30)
Right-click Drain - inflicts damage and drains a combat stat (varies according to type)
Forager - cockatrice eggs
Petrifying Gaze
iron minotaur.gif

Iron minotaur Members icon
46 Summoning 37 4.6 Fights (Level 55 - Defence)
Iron Bull Rush

Pyrelord Members icon
46 Summoning 32 2.3 Fights (Level 55 - Strength)
Firemaking boost (3) - invisible
Counts as a tinderbox, with 10xp bonus
Immense Heat

Magpie Members icon
47 Summoning 34 0.9 Beast of burden (30)
Gathers jewellery
Thieving Fingers
bloated leech.gif

Bloated leech Members icon
49 Summoning 34 2.4 Fights (Level 59 - Attack)
Blood Drain
spirit terrorbird.gif

Spirit terrorbird Members icon
52 Summoning 36 0.8 Fights (Level 62 - Controlled)
Beast of burden (12)
Tireless Run
abyssal parasite.gif

Abyssal parasite Members icon
54 Summoning 30 1.1 Fights (Level 64 - Magic)
Beast of burden (7) - unnoted rune/pure essence
Slowed abyssal Prayer drain
Abyssal Drain
spirit jelly.gif

Spirit jelly Members icon
55 Summoning 43 5.5 Fights (Level 65 - Strength)
steel minotaur.gif

Steel minotaur Members icon
56 Summoning 46 5.6 Fights (Level 66 - Defence)
Steel Bull Rush

Ibis Members icon
56 Summoning 38 1.1 Beast of burden (30)
Fishing boost (3) - invisible
Gathers fish while summoner is Fishing
Fish Rain
spirit kyatt.gif

Spirit kyatt Members icon
57 Summoning 49 5.7 Fights (Level 68 - Attack)
Hunter boost (5) - invisible
Pounce - if summoned or called directly into combat, its first attack can deal up to triple normal damage
Can teleport you to the Piscatoris Hunter area
spirit larupia.gif

Spirit larupia Members icon
57 Summoning 49 5.7 Fights (Level 68 - Controlled)
Hunter boost (5) - invisible
Can teleport you to the Feldip Hunter area
spirit graahk.gif

Spirit graahk Members icon
57 Summoning 49 5.7 Fights (Level 68 - Strength)
Hunter boost (5) - invisible
Trample - if the graahk has to move to get into combat, it will strike twice
Can teleport you to the horned graahk area
karamthulhu overlord.gif

Karamthulhu overlord Members icon
58 Summoning 44 5.8 Fights (Level 69 - Ranged)
Right-click Drown - hits opponent with a water spell
Doomsphere Device
smoke devil.png

Smoke devil Members icon
61 Summoning 48 3 Fights (Level 72 - Magic)
Right-click Flames - hits opponent with a fire spell
Dust Cloud
abyssal lurker.gif

Abyssal lurker Members icon
62 Summoning 41 1.2 Fights (Level 73 - Controlled)
Beast of burden (12) - unnoted rune/pure essence
Abyssal Stealth
spirit cobra.gif

Spirit cobra Members icon
63 Summoning 56 3.1 Fights (Level 75 - Attack)
Ophidian Incubation
stranger plant.gif

Stranger plant Members icon
64 Summoning 49 3.2 Fights (Level 94 - Controlled)
Beast of burden (30)
Farming boost (1 + 4% of your level)
Forager - strange fruit
Poisonous Blast
mithril minotaur.gif

Mithril minotaur Members icon
66 Summoning 55 6.6 Fights (Level 78 - Defence)
Mithril Bull Rush
barker toad.gif

Barker toad Members icon
66 Summoning 8 1 Fights (Level 78 - Strength)
Right-click Cannon - must be 'loaded' with a cannonball
Toad Bark
war tortoise.gif

War tortoise Members icon
67 Summoning 43 0.7 Fights (Level 80 - Defence)
Beast of burden (18)

Bunyip Members icon
68 Summoning 44 1.4 Fights (Level 81 - Attack)
Heals summoner for 20 life points regularly
Use raw fish on the Bunyip to turn them into food
Swallow Whole
fruit bat.png

Fruit bat Members icon
69 Summoning 45 1.4 Beast of burden (30)
Light enhancer
Gathers fruit and seeds
Fly - gathers fruit in Karamja
ravenous locust.gif

Ravenous locust Members icon
70 Summoning 24 1.5 Fights (Level 82 - Attack)
Can eat your opponent's food
Remote view
arctic bear.gif

Arctic bear Members icon
71 Summoning 28 1.1 Fights (Level 84 - Controlled)
Hunter boost (7) - invisible
Counts as two pieces of arctic camouflage
Can teleport you to the Trollweiss and Rellekka Hunter area
Arctic Blast
phoenix essence.gif

Phoenix Members icon
72 Summoning 30 7 Fights (Level 85 - Magic)
Right-click Ash Blast - blinds opponents for a few seconds, reducing their chance to hit
Rise from the Ashes
obsidian golem.gif

Obsidian golem Members icon
73 Summoning 55 7.3 Fights (Level 87 - Strength)
Mining boost (7) - invisible
Volcanic Strength
granite lobster.gif

Granite lobster Members icon
74 Summoning 47 3.7 Fights (Level 88 - Defence)
Beast of burden (30)
Gathers fish while summoner is Fishing
Fishing boost (4) - invisible
Crushing Claw
praying mantis.gif

Praying mantis Members icon
75 Summoning 69 3.7 Fights (Level 89 - Attack)
Mantis Strike
adamant minotaur.gif

Adamant minotaur Members icon
76 Summoning 66 7.6 Fights (Level 90 - Defence)
Adamant Bull Rush
forge regent.gif

Forge regent Members icon
76 Summoning 45 1.5 Fights (Level 90 - Ranged)
Counts as a tinderbox, with 10xp bonus
Right-click Fireball - flaming attack that hits up to 6 enemies for up to 50 damage each
talon beast.gif

Talon beast Members icon
77 Summoning 49 3.8 Fights (Level 92 - Strength)
Deadly Claw
giant ent.gif

Giant ent Members icon
78 Summoning 49 1.6 Fights (Level 93 - Controlled)
Beast of burden (30)Increased yield when harvesting Farming fruit trees, belladonna and cacti
Forager - produces oak logs
Nature link - can convert pure essence into nature or earth runes
Acorn Missile
ice titan.gif

Ice titan Members icon
79 Summoning 64 7.9 Fights (Level 94 - Attack)
Titan's Constitution
fire titan.gif

Fire titan Members icon
79 Summoning 62 7.9 Fights (Level 94 - Magic)
Titan's Constitution
moss titan.gif

Moss titan Members icon
79 Summoning 58 7.9 Fights (Level 94 - Strength)
Titan's Constitution

Hydra Members icon
80 Summoning 49 1.6 Fights (Level 94 - Ranged)
nightmare muspah.png

Nightmare muspah Members icon
81 Summoning 58 1.6 Beast of Burden (32)
Siphon self
lesser demon brawler.png

Lesser demon brawler Members icon
82 Summoning 30 3.9 Fights (Level 103 - Strength)
Ring of fire
lesser demon deacon.png

Lesser demon deacon Members icon
82 Summoning 30 3.9 Fights (Level 103 - Magic)
Ring of fire
lesser demon executioner.png

Lesser demon executioner Members icon
82 Summoning 30 3.9 Fights (Level 103 - Ranged)
Ring of fire
spirit dagannoth.gif

Spirit dagannoth Members icon
83 Summoning 57 4.1 Fights (Level 99 - Controlled)
Ferocious - chance of attacking again without delay
Spike Shot
lava titan.gif

Lava titan Members icon
83 Summoning 61 8.3 Fights (Level 99 - Strength)
Chance of inflicting 50 extra damage with every attack
Firemaking boost (10) - invisible
Mining boost (10) - invisible
Can teleport you to the Lava Maze
Ebon Thunder
swamp titan.gif

Swamp titan Members icon
85 Summoning 56 4.2 Fights (Level 101 - Attack)
Swamp Plague
rune minotaur.gif

Rune minotaur Members icon
86 Summoning 151 8.6 Fights (Level 102 - Defence)
Rune Bull Rush

Ghast Members icon
87 Summoning 68 1.8 Fights (Level 103 - Ranged)
Makes ghasts passive while in Morytania
Prevents food from rotting under the effect of ghasts in Morytania
Ghastly Request
blood nihil.png

Blood nihil Members icon
87 Summoning 120 8.7 Fights (Level 112 - Attack)
5% Attack boost (if using melee weapons)
ice nihil.png

Ice nihil Members icon
87 Summoning 64 8.7 Fights (Level 105 - Magic)
5% Magic boost (if using magic weapons)
Roughly 1 in 5 attacks apply a hidden accuracy or Defence reduction to the opposing enemy
smoke nihil.png

Smoke nihil Members icon
87 Summoning 120 8.7 Fights (Level 108 - Magic)
5% Magic boost (if using magic weapons)
shadow nihil.png

Shadow nihil Members icon
87 Summoning 120 8.7 Fights (Level 112 - Ranged)
5% Ranged boost (if using ranged weapons)
unicorn stallion.gif

Unicorn stallion Members icon
88 Summoning 54 1.8 Fights (Level 105 - Controlled)
Right-click Cure - cures poison and disease
Healing Aura
light creature.png

Light creature Members icon
88 Summoning 60 2 Light enhancer
50% of harvested divination memories are converted to XP automatically
geyser titan.gif

Geyser titan Members icon
89 Summoning 69 8.9 Fights (Level 106 - Ranged)
Ranged Boost (1 + 3% of your level)
Use bowls on the geyser titan to get bowls of hot water
Use amulets of glory on the geyser titan to recharge them

Wolpertinger Members icon
92 Summoning 62 4.6 Fights (Level 109 - Magic)
Hunter boost (5) - invisible
Grants you a 5% Defence bonus against Magic
Double experience and yield when harvesting berries
Magic Focus
abyssal titan.gif

Abyssal titan Members icon
93 Summoning 32 1.9 Fights (Level 110 - Attack)
Beast of burden (20) - unnoted rune/pure essence
Drains prayer from your opponent (multi combat zones only)
Essence Shipment
iron titan.gif

Iron titan Members icon
95 Summoning 60 4.7 Fights (Level 112 - Defence)
Defence boost (10% bonus to your stab, slash and crush Defence) - invisible
Iron Within
pack yak.gif

Pack yak Members icon
96 Summoning 58 4.8 Fights (Level 114 - Strength)
Beast of burden (30)
Winter Storage
steel titan.gif

Steel titan Members icon
99 Summoning 64 4.9 Fights (Level 118 - Ranged)
Defence boost (15% bonus to your stab, slash and crush Defence) - invisible
Steel of Legends


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