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Do Gardening boots affect your Farming abilities?

Gardening boots do not affect the Farming skill or the growth of plants in any way; they are currently only worn for decorative purposes.

How come I got less vegetables or fruit than I did on another Farming patch?

This is because when your crops have grown, it is random how many you get each time. However, you can use compost and super compost on your Farming patches; this helps increase the amount of produce that you harvest.

I'm a novice to the Farming skill. How should I start to increase my levels?

Always keep a varied selection of seeds in your bank, it is always good to plan ahead.

Plant crops in more than one patch and be super efficient, but make sure you keep an eye on them in between other things. Don't forget to take teleport runes to save tedious walking time. Obviously, plant the highest level seed that you can, this will give you greater experience.

Raking patches and making compost gives Farming experience, too, so if you are of a low Farming level you may want to rake some patches or make some compost while you wait for your plants to grow.

It would also be worth buying an amulet of Farming from a Farming shop...

How do I fill my watering can?

Find a place in RuneScape that has a symbol of a drop of water: this will show the location of a water source. You may use the watering can on the water source to refill your watering can. Possible water sources include fountains and sinks.

My potatoes/onions keep getting diseased!

Plant some marigolds, these will drive off the nasty bugs that cause disease. You can cure your plants by using some plant cure available from the Farming shops and NPCs around the Farming patches.

Another alternative is to plant white lily seeds in a flower patch. Once grown, these will protect all your crops, but not herbs. White lily seeds are available to players after the completion of the Falador task lists - easy, medium and hard must be completed. You then either kill the mole under Falador Park and trade in the moleskins for nests and white lily seeds, or instead buy the moleskins on the GE, and again trade them in to get nests and while lily seeds.

White lillies can be left fully grown indefinitely - they will always protect your crops but it should be said that whilst they are growing, your crops may still disease and die.

I don't want to stand and wait for my patch to grow. Isn't there something else I can do?

Pay a local gardener with produce to watch over your crops, this saves a lot of effort on your part. For other ways to look after your plants, please see Farming - The Basics.

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