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Farming Patches

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Full Patches

patch full east ardougne.jpg North of East Ardougne, West of the Fishing Guild. Members icon patch full catherby.jpg Just North of Catherby. Members icon
patch full falador.jpg South-east of Falador and North of Port Sarim. patch full port phasmatys.jpg North-west of Port Phasmatys. Members icon

Bush Patches Members icon

patch bush east ardougne.jpg South of East Ardougne. Members icon patch bush etceteria.jpg South-west of Etceteria Castle. Members icon
patch bush rimmington.jpg North of Chemist's house in Rimmington. patch bush varrock.jpg South-west of Varrock, next to the Champions' Guild.

Hop Patches

patch hop entrana.jpg South-west coast of Entrana. Members icon patch hop lumbridge.jpg Across the river, along the route from Lumbridge to Varrock.
patch hop seers.jpg North of McGrubor's Wood, north-west of Seers' Village. Members icon patch hop yanille.jpg Yanille against the north wall. Members icon

Tree Patches Members icon

patch tree falador.jpg In Falador Park. patch tree lumbridge.jpg North-east of Lumbridge Castle by the river.
patch tree taverley.jpg South-east in Taverley. patch tree varrock.jpg South-east of Varrock Palace, inside the grounds.
patch tree tree gnome stronghold.jpg West of the Agility Training Area in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Members icon

Fruit Tree Patches Members icon

patch fruit tree brimhaven.jpg North coast of Brimhaven. Members icon patch fruit tree catherby.jpg South-east of Catherby. Members icon
patch fruit tree tree gnome stronghold.jpg South-east of the Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Members icon patch fruit tree tree gnome village.jpg North-west of the Tree Gnome Village. Members icon
patch fruit tree lletya.jpg South-east corner of Lletya. Members icon patch fruit tree kharazi.jpg Herblore Habitat in the north camp. Members icon

Spirit Tree Patches Members icon

patch spirit tree etceteria.jpg South of Etceteria Castle. Members icon patch spirit tree port sarim.jpg North-east of Port Sarim. Members icon
patch spirit tree brimhaven.jpg North-east of Brimhaven. Members icon

Special Patches

patch special draynor manor.jpg Belladonna

West of Draynor Manor. Members icon
patch special al kharid.jpg Cactus

North-east of Al Kharid. Members icon
patch special tai bwo wannai.jpg Calquat

North of Tai Bwo Wannai village, Karamja. Members icon
patch special canifis.jpg Mushroom

South-west of Canifis. Members icon
patch quest draynor manor.jpg Evil turnip

West of Draynor Manor. Members icon
patch special taverley.jpg Potato

West Taverley

Quest Patches Members icon

patch quest troll stronghold1.jpg Herbs

Above the Troll Stronghold; you must have completed My Arm's Big Adventure. Members icon
patch quest harmony island.jpg Allotment

On Harmony; you must have started The Great Brain Robbery quest. Members icon
patch quest east ardougne.jpg Jade vine

Lord Handelmort's mansion, East Ardougne; you must have completed Back to my Roots. Members icon
spiritofsummer limpwurt.jpg Limpwurt

Ruins, the Wilderness; you must have started Spirit of Summer. Members icon

Herblore Habitat Patches Members icon

habitat location.jpg The Herblore Habitat farming patches (fruit tree, vine flower, vine bush and vine herb patches) can be found at the south-eastern point of Karamja, south-east of the Jade Vine and east of the Kharazi Jungle.


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