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Farseer kiteshield

Members iconFarseer kiteshield
Farseer kiteshield inventory icon
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Stacks No
Quest item No
High alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Low alchemy Cannot be alchemised
Destroy Drop
Store price 200,000 dungeoneering tokens
Protect on Death No
Examine A large metal shield.
Weight 5.4 kg

The farseer kiteshield is a high-level magic shield that requires level-80 Defence to wield. It can be purchased from the rewards trader on the Daemonheim peninsula for 200,000 dungeoneering tokens, provided the player also has level-80 Dungeoneering.

A newly-purchased shield starts with 20% charge, which is gradually used up as the shield is used in combat. A fully-charged shield will last 10 hours in combat before running out of charges. The shield can be recharged by the rewards trader in exchange for up to 2,000,000 coins or 200,000 coins and a quantity of dungeoneering tokens for a full recharge. To recharge items, either use them on the rewards trader or right-click him and choose "Recharge".

The farseer kiteshield is the second-strongest melee shield outside of Daemonheim, beaten only by the merciless kiteshield.


Combat Statistics
In Legacy mode, damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down).
Equip: 80 Defence
No use requirements
Slot: Class: Type: Level:
Off Hand slot icon Magic Tank 80
Damage: Accuracy: Armour:
0 0 384
Constitution Prayer Strength Ranged Magic
385 0 0 0 0


  • Like all chaotic equipment, the way the 10 hour timer breaks down, is it counts 1 game tick (0.6 seconds) out of that timer, per attack made AND received, regardless of damage. That is why being attacked by multiple enemies or by ones with fast rates of attack (like Swarms of Scarabs) degrades chaotic items faster.
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