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Festival of the Dead

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festival of the dead.jpg
Father Joakim prepares a coffin

Father Joakim has been shunned from his order for his non-traditional beliefs in regards to the dead. Joakim believes that the lives of the dead should be celebrated, rather than their passing mourned.

Having been all but expelled from his order, Father Joakim needs your help to prove to the other priests that his ideas are a part of their religion, and not just the thoughts of a radical priest.

The Event

Firstly, speak to Father Joakim and tell him you'd like to help. You can find him within the Lumbridge graveyard or in the Taverley graveyard.

Choose a recently deceased person from the list that the priest will offer you. The list is as follows:

Person Item Location Requirements
Zamorakian Cultists zamorak statuette.gif
Zamorak statuette
Toggle Location Spoiler The Blood Pact
Void Knights void knight seal.gif
Void knight seal
Toggle Location Spoiler 20 Prayer
40 Combat
Drunken dwarf beer and kebab.gif
Beer and kebab
Toggle Location Spoiler 40 Prayer
My Arm's Big Adventure
Fight pit warriors firecapezorz's cape.gif
Firecapezorz's cape
Toggle Location Spoiler 60 Prayer
The Elder Kiln
Duradel duradel's claws.gif
Duradel's claws
Toggle Location Spoiler 80 Prayer
While Guthix Sleeps

Search the described area for an item that belonged to the person you chose, then return to the coffin. Before you can use the item on the coffin, you'll need to prepare it.

Take a bunch of Flowers of the dead from the crate next to Father Joakim and lay them on the coffin.

Next, get 3 pieces of Soft clay and mould the clay to create the Clay skulls. Place these on the coffin.

Finally, add the personal item you retrieved to complete the event.


The first time you complete a celebration, you will receive an XP bonus. This will give you double Prayer XP until you have used up your quota. The quote is a maximum of 251,000 if you complete all of the celebrations. The quota received is as follows:

Celebration XP Quota
Zamorakian Cultists 1,000
Void Knights 5,000
Drunken Dwarf 20,000
Fight Pit warriors 50,000
Duradel 175,000
Total 251,000

You will receive double XP through the following activities:

  • Ectofunctus (on top of the multiplier for the original bone).
  • Killing a ghast.
  • POH altars (on top of the multiplier for the original bone)
  • Burying bones (takes precedence over mithril dragon reward double exp)
  • Scattering ashes (takes precedence over mithril dragon reward double exp)
  • When Bonecrusher destroys bones for you
  • Teleporting an ash filled urn away.
  • Cremating a vyrewatch
  • Cremating a shade

Also, the first time you complete a celebration, you will be given a skull mask.

item-title.gif level-title.gif class-title.gif defend-title.gif attack-title.gif
armour-rating-title.gif prayer-bonus-title.gif life-bonus-title.gif style-title.gif damage-title.gif accuracy-title.gif crit-bonus-title.gif
melee icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
 member badge tiny.png Skull mask   0   Combat icon   0   0   0   None   0   0   0%   0%   0% 
skull mask.gif
The above stats were listed prior to an Evolution of Combat update and may be incorrect. Please update them using Template:Equipmenttable. Please leave this template in place if you do not have the correct stats so other users may track items like these.

Development Team

Developer: Ian H
Animation: Hing C
Modeller: Mark C
Environments: Luke F
Quality Assurance:
QA: (Project Lead:Ian 'Chief' H) Sarah W, Anthony D

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