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Firemaking - Extra Features

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Iron spits

spitroast cook.jpg
Requires Level 20 Firemaking

This piece of equipment can be used to cook some meats on an open fire. You can cook rabbit and chompy meat on the spit. For further information about how to use the spit, please see the extra features of the cooking section.

Dorgeshuun Lightorbs

dorgeshuun lightorb complete.gif

The cave goblins of Dorgesh-Kaan have a curious system of lightorbs with which they stave off the darkness. If you wish to repair them, you'll discover a new way of earning Firemaking experience.

Haunted Woods Torches

haunted torch.gif

While you are woodcutting in the Haunted Woods, you can light the torches there to gain valuable Firemaking experience. To light a torch you will need a piece of bark from the hollow trees in the area, a tinderbox, and level 47 Firemaking. Lighting the torches will also net you a handy restore of 100 prayer points: useful if you are being 'swamped' by vampyres.

Gnomish Firelighters

gnomish blue.gif

When completing a Treasure Trail of any level, you may well receive some 'gnomish firelighters'. The higher the level of your clue scroll, the more firelighters you are likely to receive. These firelighters can be applied to logs, and will always succeed in igniting them. The best part, though, is that the logs will burn with delightfully coloured flames!

You can also recieve a firelighter as a reward from setting a fire spirit free while adding logs to a bonfire.

Summoning Familiars

Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Firemaking. Of particular note are the beasts of burden, who can carry items for you. In addition to whatever else they can do for you, these familiars will increase the amount of time you can train before having to head to a bank.

A Summoning Familar worth noting is the Pyrelord, which requires 46 Summoning to summon. The Pyrelord is very useful as you can use logs on it to create a fire. This ability can be utilised with the correct timing to light two fires at the same time. This is achieved by positioning your Pyrelord to the north or south of your character, and using logs on it. After the Pyrelord makes a sound, the player should use a tinderox on some more logs, and two fires should be created, moving the player and familiar into the next spot to continue this method.

Barbarian Assault

It is possible to get double XP when firemaking with logs. Travel to Barbarian Assault and talk to Commander Connad to receive a penance horn; this can be charged by playing waves of the minigame, as long as you ensure that the switch in the waiting room is changed to 'XP'. With charges on the horn, you will automatically receive double XP when firemaking with logs. You can then 'check-potential' the horn at any time to find out how many charges remain on it.

Dwarven Army Axe

As well as its ability to act as a tinderbox, the Dwarven Army Axe also acts as a needle, chisel, pickaxe, hatchet and weapon. It can be used in Combat, Mining, Woodcutting and Crafting.

Jadinko Firepits

In the Jadinko Lair of Karamja, the Jade Vine's curly roots can be set on fire using a tinderbox or a hardened straight root (using the age-old technique of spinning the straight root in the middle of a curly root). This can only be done in the firepit areas of the lair. The resulting fire can be used to harden straight roots as part of the process in creating a sagaie weapon, or for starting fires in the firepit inside the Lair with curly roots. You may extend the life of the fire by using another curly root on it, which will extend its life by 30 seconds, while also netting you the same XP as starting the fire yourself. Adding curly roots to a fire is unlike burning regular logs with a tinderbox because you do not have to click on each log to use it on the fire. You are given the option to burn all of the roots in your inventory making training in the Jadinko Lair require much less clicking.

Cutting curly roots with an Inferno Adze gives you a chance to ignite the roots without having to use them on a fire, making it an excellent tool for training firemaking in the Jadinko Lair. Each curly vine hanging from the dungeon's ceiling can give you four curly roots. The Adze has a 25% chance of igniting each of these, so on average it will burn one root per vine cut.

Bonuses from the Ring of Fire, Flame Gloves, and Clan Ring (Firemaking) also apply to firemaking in the Jadinko Lair. The Pyrelord Summoning familiar also works here. Simply having one summoned will grant you 10 xp extra per burned curly root.

This is often considered one of the most time and cost effective methods of training this skill.

Root Type Level required Experience Gained Members Only?
curly vine.gif
Curly root
83 Firemaking 378.7 Yes

Boosting Experience Gain

pendant of firemaking.gif
The pendant of Firemaking and the prized pendant of Firemaking can boost your XP gain depending on your level, the prized pendant providing a larger boost. To activate your bonus XP, you must right-click the pendants and choose 'Gain xp'. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the pendant becomes a cosmetic item.
flame gloves.gif
The flame gloves boost your Firemaking XP gain by 3%.
ring of fire.gif
The ring of fire boost your Firemaking XP gain by 2%.

Players in a clan with a citadel will find that contributing to their clan's resource pool will earn bonus XP that can be used on the surface world.


Available initially as a reward from the 2014 Hallowe'en event - and later available as a drop from ghosts - the cremation ability allows you to burn bones on a fire or on a bonfire.

To burn a bone, you must use it on a fire, at which point you will begin putting any bones of that type into the fire and gaining xp at the same speed as offering items on an altar. The Firemaking XP gained is 200% of the item's base Prayer XP for burial, and the Prayer XP is 250% of this value.

The health boost provided by burning logs on a bonfire is also applied for burning bones, scaling with level of bone.

This does not work via the 'use' option on the fire, nor on locations that are used specifically for cooking.

Firemaking Training in Dungeoneering

It is possible to train all of your skills while dungeoneering, and Firemaking is no exception. You can light fires using the wood of Daemonheim, and ignite its furnaces and ranges. You can also gain Firemaking experience by completing firemaking skill doors.

  • To find out more about skill doors and the basics of dungeoneering, please click here
  • To find out about firemaking in Daemonheim, click here

Firemaking Boosts

Firemaking cape inventory icon
The Firemaking cape, Firemaking cape (t) or Firemaking master cape can be used to temporarily increase your skill level by 1. To do this, equip one of the capes, right-click it and choose Boost.

Quests giving Firemaking Experience

For information on which quests reward you with Firemaking experience see the Firemaking Rewards page.

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