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Firemaking - The Basics

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Since the dawn of civilization, people have had the gift of fire, and RuneScape is no exception. Firemaking is one of the most fundamental skills in RuneScape. By making fires it is possible to cook food in extremely difficult times, when you have no access to a Cooking range.

The Firemaking skill uses different types of logs to create fires. This skill aids the Cooking skill, because it enables you to cook food without using a range. It can also be used to light specific objects, which can aid your ventures into dark places.

To make a fire you will need a tinderbox and some logs. You should already have a tinderbox place on your toolbelt; if you don't, simply right click the tinderbox and select 'Add to toolbelt.' Once your tinderbox is on your toolbelt, you'll be able to simply right-click the logs and select "Light" to start a fire.

Alternatively, you can left-click the logs to perform the "Craft" action. This will bring up a menu to either fletch or light the logs you have selected.

You can gain firemaking experience in one of two ways. The first way is by starting fires. The second and more efficient way to train firemaking is to add logs to an already existing bonfire that either you or someone else has created. You can add logs to the bonfire by right-clicking the fire and selecting the 'Use' option and selecting the 'Add to fire' option or by simply left-clicking the logs to bring up the "Craft" menu as mentioned earlier.

Your chances of starting fires and adding logs to a bonfire depends on your Firemaking level.

Tinderboxes can be bought from general stores. Logs can be bought from other players or you can gather them yourself using the Woodcutting skill. For more information on cutting your own logs, please refer to the Woodcutting section of the Manual. The following table shows which wood types are available in RuneScape, as well as the level required to light them and the experience gained from doing so.

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