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Fishing - Extra Features

The Fishing Trawler

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Murphy's boat moored at Port Khazard, has a few holes in it, but he's not worried, he's an experienced sailor after all! Murphy says he doesn't need help, but if you're offering he could use the extra pair of hands. There is lots to do on board the boat, so it's a good idea to take a few friends along with you if setting sail on the Fishing Trawler.

Fish Flingers

Main article: Fish Flingers

The Fishing Guild has discovered the perfect paradise for keen fishers in the island of Isla Anglerine, to the north of the guild. They regularly hold what they're calling Fish Flingers competitions there. Performing well in these competitions will afford you the opportunity to buy ever more useful tackle boxes in which to tidily store your fishing gear. To take part, talk to one of the guild's fisherman representatives - see Fisherman (Fish Flingers) for more information about them and the locations where they can be found.


Locator inventory icon

To get to your Fishing areas quicker, you might want to consider purchasing a locator. These can be bought using reward credits in Mobilising Armies. Each officer of the officer tower can offer you a different level of locator.

By using the locator, you can choose to be teleported to a Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing or Herblore secondary ingredient area. Once you have made your choice, the locator will make some mysterious calculations and then teleport you randomly to a suitable spot. Try not to be wasteful: the locators have a limited number of charges and can only be refreshed by buying another or playing a game of Mobilising Armies.

Agility Skill Bonuses

There is a chance of receiving bonus tuna, swordfish and shark when you have a high enough Agility and Fishing level. The chance of getting a bonus fish increases as your Agility increases, but there is an upper limit at which your chances will not increase (shown in the table below). You will not receive additional experience for gaining bonus fish.

The following levels are the exact levels required to receive multiple fish; unlike Runecrafting's multiple rune sloping, you do not gain a 'chance' of receiving a bonus fish if you are close to achieving the Agility or Fishing requirement. The following levels apply to both fishing and barbarian fishing.

Fish Fishing level Agility level Agility level (Upper limit)
Raw tuna inventory icon Tuna 35 Fishing 35 Agility 70 Agility
Raw swordfish inventory icon Swordfish 50 Fishing 50 Agility 80 Agility
Raw shark inventory icon Shark 76 Fishing 76 Agility 99 Agility

Boosting Experience Gain

Huge fallen star (Fishing) inventory icon
The small, medium, large and huge fallen stars Members icon can boost your XP gain depending on your level. To activate your bonus XP, you must click the star. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the star is removed from your inventory.
Fishing jacket inventory icon
Each individual item in the fishing set (hat, jacket, waders and boots) grant 1% extra XP each. A complete set will grant an additional 1% XP bringing the total to 5% for the whole set.
Swordfish gloves inventory icon
There are two sets of gloves available from Fist of Guthix that anyone interested in Fishing should look to purchase. Swordfish and shark gloves give you 100 extra Fishing experience every time you catch the same sort of fish as your gloves. These gloves will crumble to dust after catching 1,000 of the appropriate fish. You need a Fishing level of 65 to wear swordfish gloves and 90 to wear shark gloves.

Fishing Training Whilst Dungeoneering

Main article: Dungeoneering/Fishing

It is possible to train all of your skills while dungeoneering, and Fishing is no exception. In particular, there are shady pools within Daemonheim where you can catch crabs, eels and other strange fish from. You can also gain Fishing experience by completing fishing puzzle rooms. If you are looking to train your fishing skill while dungeoneering, some players use the method of "Complexity 2 fishing". This involves completing floors on complexity 2 as it maximizes the amount of fishing spots that you will find. This method is especially efficient after the April dungeoneering update as raw fish stack in your inventory and do not need to be dropped.

Temporary Boosts Members icon

Fishing potion inventory icon
A fishing potion temporarily increases your Fishing level by 3.
Fish pie inventory icon
A fish pie also temporarily increases your Fishing level by 3.
Admiral pie inventory icon
An admiral pie temporarily increases your Fishing level by 5.
Stew inventory icon
A brown spicy stew has a random chance to increase your Fishing level by up to 6 levels (or decrease it by the same).
Fishing cape inventory icon
The Fishing cape, Fishing cape (t) or Fishing master cape can be used to temporarily increase your skill level by 1. To do this, equip one of the capes, right-click it and choose Boost.


Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Fishing. Of particular note are the Granite crab, Ibis and Granite lobster, which grant you an invisible boost to your Fishing level (+1, +3 and +4 respectively) and will also gather fish while you do.

Useful Items

Juju fishing potion inventory icon
By practising herblore in the Herblore Habitat, you might be able to make yourself a juju fishing potion. This concoction, when drunk, gives you a one in three chance of catching a baron shark whenever shark fishing. Each dose lasts for 5 minutes.
Barb-tail harpoon inventory icon
The barb-tail harpoon is a reward from deadfall hunting, gained once you have trapped and killed a barb-tailed kebbit. The harpoon itself is a much more efficient version of the normal harpoon as it can be equipped, freeing up one extra space in your inventory. However, because the toolbelt update means you are always carrying a harpoon, equipping this item is normally not useful. That said, it can be used to prevent barbarian fishing, which may be desirable if you cannot catch swordfish using this method, or do not want strength XP.
Stripy feathers inventory icon
The tropical wagtail, caught with a bird snare, has stripy feathers that can also be used when fly-fishing. These feathers will even attract the elusive rainbow fish at fly-fishing spots.
Call of the sea aura inventory icon
The call of the sea, greater call of the sea, master call of the sea, supreme call of the sea and legendary call of the sea auras Members icon increase your chance of catching fish by 3%, 5%, 7%, 10% and 15% respectively.
Cobalt skillchompa inventory icon
Cobalt, viridian, azure and crimson skillchompas, when equipped, offer additional XP when skilling as well as providing an increased chance of catching items.

Quests Giving Fishing Experience

For information on which quests reward you with Fishing experience see the Quest Experience Rewards page.


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