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Fishing - The Basics

Fishing shop Fishing is a popular method of obtaining food due to the variety of Fishing spots found throughout RuneScape. You will need to buy the correct fishing equipment, specific to the type of Fishing spot you wish to use. All of the equipment that you may need can be bought from Fishing shops .

Fishing spot To locate Fishing spots using the main map you will need to click the "Key" button to bring up the map keys. There are three pages in the key, clicking on the "Prev page" or "Next page" buttons will allow you to navigate them. You will need to click on the 'Fishing Spot' icon to locate all icons on the map of that type; they will flash yellow briefly once you have clicked the 'Fishing spot' icon on the key.

When you have found a Fishing spot, right-click over a Fishing spot and a menu with a list of Fishing options will appear.

fishing options1.gif

Click on the option you want and, providing you have the correct equipment in your inventory, you will attempt to catch a fish.

An aspiring fisher needs to be patient: you should always keep in mind that with a higher Fishing ability comes the potential of catching better food.

Crayfish Cages

fishing crayfish.jpg

Free Location: The River Lum just east of the church in Lumbridge, the pond west of Farmer Fred's house.

Members' Location: West of Sinclair Mansion.

Required items: Crayfish cage

You begin at level one with a crayfish cage.

You can only catch crayfish with a crayfish cage.

Small Net Fishing

fishing net1.jpg

Free Location: Found in many Fishing spots along the coasts, such as Karamja dock, the Bandit Camp and Draynor Village.

Members' Location: Found in many Fishing spots along the coasts, such as Catherby, Fishing Platform (after completion of the Sea Slug quest) and Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon.

Required items: Small net, small cast net

You begin at level one with a small fishing net. At this level you are only able to catch shrimp.

Sea creatures that can be caught with small nets: shrimp, anchovies, karambwanji, frog spawn and monkfish (for members-only).

Bait Fishing

fishing river.jpg

Free Location: Found in many Fishing locations, such as Karamja dock, Draynor Village, River Lum, Barbarian Village and Al Kharid.

Members' Location: Found in many fishing locations, such as Catherby, Seers' Village Lake, Ardougne river, Shilo Village, Mort Myre Swamp, Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon, Fishing Platform (after completion of the Sea Slug quest) and the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Required items: Fishing Rod and Fishing Bait (You will use up 1 bait every time you catch a fish).

Bait can be purchased from Fishing shops for a few coins. You can also obtain bait from killing monsters such as zombies and slayer Banshees.

Big Net Fishing - (Members Only)

fishing bignet1.jpg

Members' Location: Found at Catherby, Rellekka and the Fishing Guild.

Required items: Big net, big cast net

To fish with the big net you will need level 16 Fishing.

Items you can catch with big nets: caskets, seaweed, leather gloves, leather boots, oysters, mackerel, cod and bass.

Caskets Members icon


Players using a big net to fish will occasionally find a casket. These are items that usually contain a nice surprise for the lucky fisher who finds one. Obtaining a casket also gives 10 Fishing experience.

To open a casket and see what it contains, simply click on it in your inventory. Caskets can contain many different items including money, gems, talismans, court summons or even items like half keys!

Fly Fishing

fishing fly.jpg

Free Location: Found in many river Fishing locations, such as the River Lum and Barbarian Village.

Members' Location: Found in many river Fishing locations, such as Ardougne River, Seers' Village Lake and the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Required items: Fly-fishing rod and feathers (You will use up 1 feather every time you catch a fish).

Feathers can be bought for a few coins in Fishing shops. They can also be obtained by killing chickens, or by snaring birds.

You may begin to fish with this tool at level 20 Fishing. At this level you will begin by catching trout.

Fish that are able to be caught with a fly-fishing rod and feathers: trout, salmon and rainbow fish (which can only be caught with the feather of the tropical wagtail).

Harpoon Fishing

fishing harpoon1.jpg

Free Location: Found in Karamja.

Members' Location: Found in many sea Fishing locations, such as the Fishing Guild, Catherby, Rellekka, Elf Camp, Fishing Platform (after completion of the Sea Slug quest) and Brimhaven.

Required items: Harpoon.

Level Requirements: Fishing level of 35.

Experience (XP) Yield: 80 for Tuna, 100 for Swordfish and 110 for Sharks.

At this level you will begin by catching Tuna.

This is what you can catch with a harpoon: Tuna, Swordfish and Shark (Harpoon/Net Spots).

Lobster Fishing

fishing lobster1.jpg

Free Location: Karamja Fishing Dock.

Members' Location: Found in many sea Fishing locations, such as the Fishing Guild, Catherby, Rellekka, Fishing Platform (after completion of Sea Slug) and Brimhaven.

Required items: Lobster pot.

Level Requirements: Fishing level of 40.

Experience (XP) Yield: 90

You can only catch lobsters with a lobster pot.

Karambwan Vessel Fishing Members icon

fishing karambwan1.jpg

Members Location: South of Brimhaven

Required items: Karamabwan vessel and raw karambwanji

You must have begun the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest to learn how to fish for karambwan.

You can only catch karambwan with the karambwan vessel.

Fishing Guild

Location: In the heart of the Kingdom of Kandarin, just north of Ardougne.

Level Requirements: Fishing Level of 68. Alternatively, you can drink a Fishing potion from level 65 which will temporarily increase your Fishing level to 68 so you are able to enter the guild.

From the entrance, you will see a very convenient range on the right-hand side and a respawn of a lobster pot, harpoon and a big net on the left-hand side.

Exiting to the north is a Fishing platform. Further north, east of the bank, is the second Fishing platform.

Complete the Deadliest Catch quest and Jones will freely give you small and big cast nets. These nets are wieldable, so they do not take up space in your inventory when you plan to do some fishing. It is also possible to hunt for the fabled Thalassus from here.

The Fishing Guild Bank: Located in the north-western corner, where you can deposit your raw or cooked fish.

A skills necklace will teleport you directly to the guild.

The Fishing Guild Shop: South of the bank, run by Roachey. He will buy and sell your raw and cooked fish.

This is also a useful place to stock up on feathers for the lazy fletcher!

Shark Fishing Members icon

Required item: Harpoon

Level Requirements: 76 Fishing

Level Requirements (Barbarian): 96 Fishing and 76 Strength

Experience (XP) Yield: 100XP; 110XP Barbarian (+10 Strength XP)

(Players with both 76 Fishing and 76 Agility have the possibility of catching TWO Sharks at once.)

Cave Fish Fishing Members icon

Required items: Fishing rod, Fishing bait.

Members' Location: Living Rock Caverns

Level Requirements: Fishing level of 85.

Experience (XP) Yield: 300XP.

Fishing for Cavefish is currently the 6th fastest Fishing method in RuneScape.

Rocktail Fishing Members icon

Required items: Fishing rod, Living minerals.

Members' Location: Living Rock Caverns

Level Requirements: Fishing level of 90.

Experience (XP) Yield: 380XP.

Fishing for Rocktail is currently the 5th fastest Fishing method in RuneScape for xp.

99 Fishing

master fisher.gif

Congratulations! You have achieved the maximum level possible in this skill!

Buying the cape: Fishing Guild Master at Fishing Guild

Price of Skill cape: 99,000 Coins

The Skill cape is Members Only, however, Free to Play players may still perform the emote.


Fishing - Extra Features covers anything not in this section of fishing. It includes rewards, alternative methods, stat boosting options and mini games.

""Catching Statistics""

Here's some statistics for 99 Fishing. This is just statistics for some of the 'most used' methods. I'm going to start out from level 40 as this is a very standard level, for both F2P and P2P.

So, first of F2P Levels, with what's needed from 40-99.

144,414 Lobster from Level 40 to 99

Sorry, this is all i can think of, so if you have any tips - any F2P Players out there, please feel to edit this! P2P, Levels 40-99.

Okay, these first statistics are providing you have completed Swan Song

3,296 Lobster, from Levels 40-62.

105,839 Monkfish from Levels 62 - 99.

This is if you do nothing else from Levels 62-99! You will still make a substantial amount of profit and, from what I believe it is faster than Shark fishing. Okay, these statistics are based on not completing Swan Song

14,431 Lobsters from Levels 40-76.

36,454 Sharks from Levels 76-90.

20,232 Rocktrails from Levels 90-99.

As you can see this will make you a substantial amount of profit! But it will take months, unless you have some sort of technique. So it's up to you how you map it out!

Hope this helped!


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