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Fishing FAQ

How can I start Fishing?

Get a small net and fish for shrimps. This can be done south of Draynor Village.

Where do I find manta rays and turtles?

Manta rays and turtles can only be caught in the Fishing Trawler, which begins in Port Khazard.

How do I know how long I have left on Murphy's trawler?

The status bar lets you know how much water is in the boat, so you know if it is about to sink. The status bar also keeps track of the time left, how many fish have been caught and the condition of the net.

Can I catch edible seaweed using the Fishing Trawler?

Yes, edible seaweed is available when attempting the Fishing Trawler, so long as your Fishing level is 16 or more.

How do I cook the raw swamp paste for the Fishing Trawler?

To cook the paste, you need to heat it over a fire - using a range will not work.

Help! My boat sank and I don't know what to do!

We are sorry to hear this. Next time you should be careful to plug those leaks before too much water gets into your boat! If the water gets too high you can try to use a bucket to clear some of it.

For now, however, you will need to use a barrel from the boat wreck to get back to shore. Be careful not to hang around too long near the sharks, though!

Where can I find a fish stall?

Fish stalls can be located in Rellekka.

What items can I steal from the fish stalls in Miscellania and Rellekka?

You will be able to steal raw tuna, raw salmon and raw lobster from the fish stalls in Miscellania and Rellekka.


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