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Fishing Spot

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Fishing Spots are bubbling, rippling areas of water near the coasts of Gielinor. They are, predictably, used for Fishing, as the principle resource of that skill. The varying types of fishing spot are scattered across the world in numerous locations, marked on the map with a blue fish icon.

Types of Fishing Spot

Not every fishing spot allows a player to catch all types of fish. Individual spots allow only particular fishing methods, and individual fish may only be caught with particular methods in particular locations. Below is a list of the method groups and the fish that each one yields.

  • Net/Bait - Small Net and Sea Bait Fishing
    * Shrimp and Anchovies with small net
    * Sardines and Herring with bait rod
  • Lure/Bait - Fly and River Bait Fishing
    * Trout and Salmon with fly rod
    * Pike with bait rod
  • Cage/Harpoon - Lobster Pot and Harpoon Fishing
    * Lobsters with lobster pot
    * Tuna and Swordfish with harpoon
  • Net/Harpoon - Big Net and Harpoon Fishing
    * Mackerel, Oysters, Caskets, Cod and Bass with big net
    * Sharks with harpoon
  • Net/Bait (Cave) - Small Net and River Bait Fishing
    * Frogspawn with small net
    * Slimy Eel and Cave Eel with bait rod
    *Lava Eel with an oily rod (after 'Hero's quest' in Taverley dungeon)