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Flash Powder Factory

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This area is 'Safe' meaning if you die here, you will not lose any items.
However, if you are poisoned outside of the event/area you can still die.

This article is about the newly released factory. For the old Thieving Maze area that is no longer accessible which previously was located below the trapdoor in the Pick and Lute see Rogues' Den
roguesden intro.jpg
Brian O'Richard

Dare you enter a factory of deadly traps, fiendish obstacles and devious puzzles? Will you make it around the factory in a limited time and claim the rewards that have been locked away from all but the sneakiest players?

Find out when you visit the Taverley inn and discover the Flash Powder Factory!


flash powder factory location.jpg

The Flash Powder Factory is located under the Pick and Lute pub in Taverley. The trapdoor is located in the north east corner of the building. Go down this trapdoor, walk through the first door and you are in the main/safe area.

Here you will find three characters to talk to: Brian O'Richard, Martin Thwait and Emerald Benedict.

Brian O'Richard is the owner of the factory and will explain about it to you. He will also offer you a store where you can use the points you have earned in the factory to purchase items.

Martin Thwait owns the Lost and Found store. He sells useful items including stethoscopes, to help with your chances of picking the safes. For more information on the safe/Thieving area, view the Thieving - Extra Features page.

Finally, Emerald Benedict will help, as he is a banker.


Anyone can enter through the pub to the area, but to use the Flash Powder Factory itself you must have at least 75 Agility, 75 Thieving, and 50 Herblore.


When starting Flash Powder Factory, you will be teleported into the map on an instance world with other players.

Each player starts with 1 empty pressure flask (a), 1 empty pressure flask (b), 1 sealed funnel, 3 sets of refining apparatus and 6 doses of catalytic powder. The scoreboard displayed at the top left corner of the screen will keep track of your score in the game as well as how much equipment you have on hand.

flash powder factory progress.gif

You will see blue and orange flashing arrows on your minimap; these will guide you to the active reagent machines, which you can click on to fill the pressure flasks with reagents A and B.

To navigate the factory you will have to overcome various agility obstacles and hallways sealed by pressure doors. Pressure doors can be opened from the outside by pressing a blue call button on the wall beside the door; to maintain parity, another set of pressure doors will lock somewhere in the factory. Once a call button is pressed it will turn red and cannot be used again for a short time. If you are inside a hallway and the pressure doors lock, you can always open the doors from the inside by clicking on them.

When both pressure flasks have been filled from the reagent machines, flashing red arrows will appear on the minimap above the mixing machines. You must now navigate to one of these machines and click them to mix the full flasks along with 1 dose of catalytic powder. Doing this empties the flasks and removes 1 dose of catalytic powder from your inventory. Most importantly, mixing the ingredients adds 100 points to the scoreboard in the top left corner of the screen. Additional points are rewarded depending on how many refining apparatus you have in your inventory and how many bonus charges you have. The more refining apparatus you have in your inventory, the more bonus points are rewarded.

After mixing the ingredients, you must repeat the process of filling up the vials and mixing them until you run out of catalytic powder, which will cause you to be teleported from the factory. Additional catalytic powder can be obtained from picking the lock on the catalyst dispenser at the center of the map and should be obtained before using your last dose of catalytic powder.

Every player starts with 3 sets of refining apparatus and can carry a maximum of 6 sets. You can obtain more sets of apparatus by pickpocketing them from other players, but be warned that other players will try to steal your apparatus as well! If someone pickpockets a refining apparatus from you, you cannot pickpocket them back until they have pickpocketed someone else. Also, they cannot pickpocket more than one refining apparatus from you consecutively. The yellow rectangles above other characters' heads indicate how many sets of apparatus they are carrying.

sealed funnel info.gif
The chatbox when selecting the check-status option on the sealed funnel

The sealed funnel can be used to check information about the previous mixing of ingredients by selecting the check-status option. The sealed funnel can also be filled by selecting the Charge-funnel option on a charge machine which are located in the corners of the minigame map. The charge machine doesn't always offer this option but when selected, a temporary 10% bonus charge is added which gives additional points when mixing ingredients.

For "safety reasons" you will be automatically removed from the factory after 15 minutes, or if you run out of catalytic powder. If you are sealed inside a hallway when the pressure doors lock, you will be automatically removed after 10 seconds if you do not pass through the doors in time.


As you produce more flash powder you will win points. These points can be used to purchase several items.

Item Cost Bonus
rden2 helm.gif

Factory mask
2250 Better loot when searching rubble.
rden2 body.gif

Factory body
3500 2 minutes’ extra time per game.
rden2 legs.gif

Factory legs
2750 +50% catalyst on game start.
rden2 gloves.gif

Factory gloves
1750 Better pickpocket chance.
rden2 boots.gif

Factory boots
1750 Better chance of success on obstacles.

There is also a set bonus for wearing 3 and 5 pieces of armour. A 3 piece set bonus gives you a chance to make a 4-dose potion whereas the 5 piece set bonus will allow you to get experience for making unfinished potions equivalent to that given for cleaning the herb used.

You may also get a (stackable) 'multitool', at a cost of 35 points. Each multitool can be used to build either a spade, chisel, rope or tinderbox; perfect for when exploring new areas, not knowing what you will need to take!

The rogue items are available by searching rubble. While wearing the factory mask (or a ring of wealth) your chance to get an item you have yet to receive is increased.

rogue head.gif

Rogue mask
rogue top.gif

Rogue top
rogue legs.gif

Rogue trousers
rogue gloves.gif

Rogue gloves
rogue boots.gif

Rogue boots

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