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Fletching - Extra Features

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Training Hints and Tips

  • The best way to make arrow shafts is to keep a knife in your inventory while woodcutting, so that when you get a full inventory of logs, you can fletch them into arrow shafts, and since arrow shafts are stackable, you can then continue woodcutting.
  • To fletch unstrung bows at the highest possible speed, use a fixed size game window (for less mouse travel), keep a knife in your inventory at all times, and start fletching only when you have a full inventory.
  • When stringing bows, maintain a fixed size game window, go to a one-click bank (shanty pass, castle wars, and soul wars have these), set your withdraw x to 14, take out 14 unstrung bows and 14 bow strings, string them, bank your inventory, and repeat.
  • Train the Magic skill alongside Fletching by casting high alchemy on higher level bows (maple bows and above are reccommended).

Summoning Familiars

Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Fletching. Of particular note is the Beaver, who counts as a knife (which you don't keep in your inventory). This usage of the Beaver familiar has become obsolete, as you can just add a knife to your toolbelt instead. However, the Beaver can still be used to forage more logs to fletch.

Fletching Training in Dungeoneering Members icon

It is possible to train all of your skills while dungeoneering, and Fletching is no exception. Traps and staves can be fletched, alongside the more conventional bows and arrows. You can also gain Fletching experience by completing fletching skill doors.

  • To find out more about skill doors and the basics of dungeoneering, please click here
  • To find out about fletching weapons in Daemonheim click here, or here for information on fletching traps
  • To find tables with Fletching requirements and XP levels, click here

Bolas and Sagaies Members icon

Inside the Jadinko Lair, it is possible to fletch straight roots that are hardened on a firepit to make sagaie shafts. These can then be combined with mutated vines to create a ranged weapon that is similar to a javelin. Mutated vines and excrescences, both dropped by mutated jadinkos (a mutated vine can also be gained from mutated roots), can be attached together to create bolas, a ranged weapon that stuns a target for a period of time.

A knife is required to fletch sagaies. A knife is not required to fletch bolas.

Name of Weapon Root Used Number Created Per Root Required Level Experience Gained
Sagaie Members icon
mutated vine.gif
Mutated vine
fire hardened root.gif
Hardened straight root
5 83Fletching 40
Bolas Members icon
mutated vine.gif
Mutated vine
Excrescence (x2)
1 87Fletching 50

Blisterwood Weapons Members icon

Once you have access to the Blisterwood Tree, during The Branches of Darkmeyer, you will be able to cut logs from it and fletch them into Blisterwood weapons.

A knife is required to fletch Blisterwood weapons. You must have two sickles in your inventory if you want to create a polearm.

Name of Weapon Logs Used Number Created
Per Log
Required Level Experience Gained
blisterwood dart.gif
Blisterwood stakes Members icon
blisterwood logs.gif
10 70 Fletching 100
blisterwood dart.gif
Off-hand blisterwood stakes Members icon
blisterwood logs.gif
10 70 Fletching 100
blisterwood polearm.gif
Blisterwood polearm Members icon
blisterwood logs.gif
1 70 Fletching 100
blisterwood staff.gif
Blisterwood staff Members icon
blisterwood logs.gif
1 70 Fletching 100

Bakriminel Bolt Shafts Members icon

mami rimba.gif

After speaking to Mami Rimba, just North of Edgeville, and discovering the power of the Bloodwood tree, players will be able to cut the trunk of the tree. This will give you Bloodwood logs which can be fletched into Bakriminel bolt shafts using a Knife. The further you step into the Wilderness, the more likely you are to get a better yield of logs per tree.

Bakriminel bolt shafts can be used with Bakriminel bolt tips (purchased from Mami Rimba) to create Bakriminel bolts (see Crossbows and Bolts).

Note that the logs must be fletched into Bakriminel bolt shafts within the vicinity of the tree they were cut from or they will turn to dust.

Fletching Boosts

Fletching cape inventory icon
The Fletching cape, Fletching cape (t) or Fletching master cape can be used to temporarily increase your skill level by 1. To do this, equip one of the capes, right-click it and choose Boost.

Quests Providing Fletching Experience

For quests that specifically give Fletching experience as a reward, please click here.


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