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Fletching - The Basics

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The Fletching skill allows the player to create ranged weapons and ammunition.

As your Fletching skill improves, you will be able to fletch a wider variety of items.

Requirements for Fletching

In order to start as a fletcher, you will need the following items:

  • A knife (found in your toolbelt)
  • Some normal logs

Acquiring Logs

To start fletching, you will need some logs and a knife (found on your toolbelt). Logs may be cut, and/or purchased from other players.If you haven't cut wood before, please read the Woodcutting section of the manual.

Once you have both of these items in your inventory, use the knife on the logs. Do this by left-clicking on the knife so that it is outlined in white and then left-click on the logs. This will bring up a menu with several options, choose one, and your character will begin to fletch the selected item.

Here are some of the items you can fletch:
rune arrows.gif
yew shortbow.gif
runite yew crossbow.gif
rune dart.gif
barbed bolt.gif
Special Bolts

Mass Production

fletching options1a.jpg

If you're carrying more than one log (of the same type), you are able to fletch them all without having to select each item individually. When you use a knife with a log, a screen similar to the image below will appear.

After this screen appears, you can simply click on the action that you wish to perform and you will do so on all items of that type you are carrying. Alternatively, you can set the number of this action you wish to perform with the up/down arrows to the top-right corner of this interface.

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