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How do I make fire arrows?

You will first need to speak to Koftik in the Underground Pass to receive a damp cloth. You then need to use the cloth with an arrow and use the wrapped arrow on a fire to get a 'fire' arrow.

What types of wooden bows are there in RuneScape?

There are two main types of bows: shortbows, which are faster but less powerful and accurate, and shieldbows, which are slower but provide extra protection. Each of these may be fletched from either: normal, oak, willow, maple, yew, magic and elder tree logs by cutting the appropriate log with a knife, and stringing it with a bowstring.

How do I make brutal arrows?

  1. Cut an achey tree for some achey tree logs. Fletch these into arrow shafts using a knife.
  2. Attach feathers to the arrow shafts, at the rate of 4 feathers per headless arrow made.
  3. Obtain a bar of metal (bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, and rune work)
  4. Smith the bar with a hammer at an anvil to make the appropriate nails.
  5. Attach the nails with a hammer to the the headless arrows, using 1 nail per brutal arrow made.

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