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Frames Per Second

FPS or Frames Per Second is a measure of how fast the screen is updated.

Checking RuneScape's FPS

When you play RuneScape you can see how many FPS your computer is running by pressing the "alt" and "`" key. This key is usually located right below the Escape Key (Esc). Once you press alt and the ` key, an interface will open right up. On this interface you can type in different commands that produce different outcomes. To access information about the current FPS while playing you can enter in:


Once this is on, you will see the information on the screen. to close the interface simply press alt and ` again. To turn off the display, simply go back to the interface and retype the command displayfps.

A small warning: The displayfps command can cause more FPS cut when it is active, as the system must fetch current states of resources in real-time, which can overload some systems that are already suffering low FPS.

Causes of Low FPS

A low number of frames per second is typically caused by insufficient hardware requirements to cope with the area. Normally this is one of the following components:

  • Graphics card
  • Processor
  • RAM

If the area is especially busy RuneScape will automatically aim to reduce the data to be processed by only showing the closest NPCs and players on the screen rather than all of them. However the amount of data required to be processed in busy locations will reduce the FPS on most systems.

Many laptop systems and some desktop systems utilize an integrated graphics card. This type of graphics processor is integrated directly into the system hardware, and often performs more slowly than that of a dedicated graphics card. Although some types of integrated cards can run Runescape at higher details, many will struggle to reach an acceptable frame rate when pushed to the limit.

Impact of FPS

The maximum FPS that can be displayed in RuneScape is 50; if you are reaching this level, that is great! Runescape is playable at FPS above 10, generally, but keep in mind that for some tasks, having a higher FPS is a good thing. If your FPS falls below 15, you may notice that the game seems to stutter intermittently, and that tasks that require fast reflexes, such as boss killing, are nearly impossible to complete effectively. If this is the case, try reducing your graphics settings and following the other steps listed above to increase your FPS. Avoiding large crowds can also help to increase FPS, as the more players are in the area, the more graphics your system has to render.

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