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Friends Chat

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Friends Chat

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Friends Chat icon
The friends chat interface is an action window. It allows you to chat to other players in a friends chat channel that you have joined. You can also view game messages in this channel.

As with the majority of action windows you can adjust its size, swap and dock it with other interfaces, and move it around your game window.

This window is always visible on the game screen and is docked with the other chat windows by default.

The Friends Chat window
The Friends Chat window

Although it can be modified, the first time you see the friends chat box, it will likely resemble the image to the right.

There are three filters in the friends chat interface that can modify what chat you see within the channel.

  1. Game message filter
  2. Clan chat filter
  3. Profanity filter

More details on filters and how they work can be found on the chat page.

If you are not in a friends chat, you can join one by pressing the Join friends chat channel button on the far right of the interface and typing in the name of your friend. If you are in a friends chat, but want to leave it, press the Leave friends chat channel button. There is also a diamond-shaped button to control your online visibility in this area.

Setting Up Friends Chat

To start chatting, you'll need to either set up your own channel or join one that someone else has made. You can do this by clicking on one of these buttons: Join chat channel Setup friends chat. You can also do this through the Friends Chat Info interface (the buttons look slightly different: Join friends chat Setup friends chat).

When you click the Join a Friends chat channel button you will be prompted to enter the name of someone who has set up a Friends Chat channel (or your own name if you want to enter your own channel). If you enter a name that does not exist or has not set up a Friends Chat channel, you will not be able to join their chat channel (there are a few other reasons you might not be able to join outlined below). Otherwise, you should find yourself in a Friends Chat channel within a minute.

Other reasons you may not be able to join a Friends Chat channel include:

  • You are on the channel owner's ignore list
  • You do not have a high enough rank in the Friends Chat channel
  • The channel is full and you do not rank higher than anyone already chatting
  • You have recently been kicked from the Friends Chat channel
friends chat setup.jpg
Friends Chat setup screen

When you click on the Friends Chat settings button (a cog icon) you will be presented with an interface like the one shown to the right.

The people you see in the centre of the interface are those people on your friends list, so if you have a friend that you'd like to be able to assign a rank, you will need to add them to your friends list. You can set your Friends Chat channel to allow anyone to join - allowing players that aren't on your friends list to join - but you will not be able to assign them a rank, and they may be kicked if the channel is full and a ranked friend joins.

friends name button.gif Chat name
This button enables you to give your chat channel a name. This will identify chat on this channel when it appears in your chatbox. Your chat channel will not work until you assign it a name.
enter chat button1.gif Who can enter chat?
You can set this to allow only ranked friends to join your chat channel, or leave it open to anyone. If you adjust this to increase the rank required while people below that rank are in your chat channel, they will be kicked off when the change takes affect.
talk options button1a.gif Who can talk on chat?
You can set this to allow some people to talk while others can only observe. This could be useful if you have a message that you want everyone to see without other chat pushing it up the chatbox too quickly.
kick options button1.gif Who can kick from chat?
By adjusting this, you can give other friends the ability to 'kick' people out of the chat. There is more on 'kicking' below.
lootshare whocanshare1.gif Who can share loot?
When you are in a multicombat area you can set this to let only a specific rank share loot while LootShare is on.

The first thing to do when setting up your channel is to name it. This is the name that will appear next to any chat made inside the channel, which will help you identify that something is being said in that discussion, as opposed to public chat or private messages from your friends. No one will be able to use the channel until it has a name. Be aware that characters with accents (ö, ä, etc.) will not be displayed. Any word normally blocked by the chat filter will also be blocked for use as a channel name and using offensive words to name your chat channel will lead to action being taken against your account.

Please note that any changes you make to your Friends Chat settings will take up to a minute to go into effect.

options leftbar1.gif
options friendmembers.gif

The other fields on the left show their default settings. If you wish to change those settings, simply right-click to bring up the other options, which you can see to the left. As you can see, these are the rank restrictions you can apply to each category. These ranks should be varied enough for you to customise your chat channel exactly the way you want it.

Note that a Jagex Moderator can always join a chat, will always be able to chat on it, and can kick any player off the chat. In your favour, though, you can assign them any rank you want!

To assign ranks to your friends, right-click on their rank in the main section of the interface. This will bring up the options you see to the right. The owner of the Friends Chat channel can adjust these ranks as they see fit. It's probably a good idea to allow a couple of other people to kick players from the chat, just in case you're a bit busy slaying some mighty beast or are offline.

friends setup done.jpg
Completed friends chat setup

Once you have set up your Friends Chat channel, your interface should look something like the one to the right.

In this example, you can see that the player 'Friends' cannot enter the chat channel, and that 'These' and 'Friends' will be unable to share loot with the rest of the group.

If a chat channel is full, lower-ranked players can be dropped from the chat when a higher rank joins. This means that the owner will always be able to join, and that players who are not on the channel owner's friends list will be removed first, followed by unranked friends and so on. Up to 100 players can be in a Friends Chat channel at any one time.

Chatting on Friends Chat

As noted earlier, you must click 'Join a Friends Chat channel' and type in the name of the channel owner to access a Friends Chat channel. Be aware that you must do this even if you are the channel owner. Also be aware that you can join a chat channel even if the owner is offline. This is another good reason to have a few people that can kick from chat if you are offline.

chat text.jpg

To use a Friends Chat channel, all you need to do is type / before anything you write. If you are connected to a channel this will automatically be sent to everyone else in the chat.

To leave the chat again, simply click the 'Leave a Friends Chat channel' button and choose the Friends Chat you want to leave.

If someone is abusing the chat channel and going against the Rules of RuneScape, they can still be reported as normal.

Kicking People from Friends Chat

If you find that someone is abusing a chat channel, and you have the privilege, you can 'kick' them from the chat. To do this, right-click on the player's name and select 'Kick'. This will drop them from the channel and prevent them from joining again for one hour. You can only kick a player with a lower rank than yourself - the owner ranks above everyone in this regard.

Note that if everyone leaves the Friends Chat channel, then all 'kicks' will be lifted and those players will be able to join again.

If you'd like to keep someone from joining your chat channel, you can place them on your ignore list. This will prevent them from ever joining your Friends Chat. If you wish to allow them to enter again, simply remove them from your ignore list.

This is the message ranks see in the friends chat when kicking someone for the first time or after the hour ban has expired. (It may not appear in this order)

  • Your request to kick/ban this user was successful.
  • [Friends Chat Name] Rank Name: [Attempting to kick/ban user from this Friends Chat.]

This is the message ranks see when refreshing a uses kick before the hour ban has expired. (You will get this message even if another rank has already kicked the user.

  • Your request to refresh this user's temporary ban was successful
  • [Friends Chat Name] Rank Name: [Attempting to kick/ban user from this Friends Chat.]


FriendsChat - Lobby.png
An image of the Friends Chat from the Lobby

You can also use the Friends and Clan Chats from the Lobby in much the same way. However there are few restrictions. Admins can't change Clan settings and it's not possible to see multiple types of chat at once - you must flip through the different tabs to view Private, Friends and Clan Chats.

Symbol Rank Kicking Ability
Not Ranked Can not kick.
friend icon.png Friend Can not kick.
recruit icon.png Recruit Can not kick.
corporal icon.png Corporal Can kick Recruit and under.
sergeant icon.png Sergeant Can kick Corporal and under.
lieutenant icon.png Lieutenant Can kick Sergeant and under.
captain icon.png Captain Can kick Lieutenant and under.
general icon.png General Can kick Captain and under.
owner icon.png Owner Can kick General and under and can also modify the chat settings.
Jagex Mod Crown.png Jagex Mod Can kick everyone from the Friends Chat including the owner.

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