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Frost dragon

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Frost dragon
frost dragon.gif
A dragon covered in frost and ice.
Asgarnian Ice Resource Dungeon
bestiary aggressive.png
bestiary not poisonous.png
not immune to stun.png
not immune to leech.png
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80 1 80 80 80
Combat level: 160
Attack style: Crush weak to crush.gif
Max hit: 23000
Hit points: 8500
Combat XP: 1083,375
Constitution XP: 361,125
Weakness: Stab weak to stab.gif
Attack speed:
Always drops: Frost dragon bones
Notable drops: Draconic visage
Other drops: Rune longsword, Adamant bar 3/15 (noted), Limpwurt root, Shark 1/2, Mahogany logs 3 (noted), Clue scroll (hard), Water orb 2 (noted), Various herbs 1 (noted).

Frost dragons are located in the Asgarnian Ice Resource Dungeon, which requires at least level 85 Dungeoneering to enter. Frost dragons are highly sought after for their Frost dragon bones which are a 100% drop and are the most expensive bones in-game, making them a highly profitable kill. In addition to their bones, they can also drop the elusive Draconic visage. Frost dragons are weak to stab attacks like all other dragons and can attack with all three attack styles and dragonfire, but they use only two styles of attack including melee. For example, one Frost dragon might use only melee and ranged combat, and another might use melee and magic.

Location and Requirements

A dozen Frost dragons inhabit the resource dungeon in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, south of Falador. Again, 85 Dungeoneering is required to enter the area! Since these are dragons, some sort of dragonfire protection is needed. The fastest route to the dungeon is having your house in Rimmington and teleporting to it or creating and using a Rimmington tablet after Love Story is completed. Alternatives include the Explorer's ring teleport to the Falador cabbage patch and then running south to the dungeon or using Fairy ring code AIQ to go to Mudskipper Point and banking at Edgeville via charged Amulet of Glory.

Killing a Frost Dragon

Frost dragons attack with melee and dragonfire, as well as either ranged or magic. If a dragon uses range, it will use it's ranged attack throughout the whole fight, making it unnecessary to use the Protect/Deflect from Magic prayers, and vice versa. It is advised to use a melee setup with a stab weapon like full Verac's armor and a Chaotic Rapier against these dragons. Protect/Deflect from either Missles or Magic is highly recommended! The use of Piety/Turmoil and a Dwarf multicannon is strongly suggested yet optional.

Randomly throughout the fight after a minimum of 10 hits, the Frost dragon will create a blue orb to protect itself. Any damage done to the frost dragon while this orb is circling it is rebounded 100%. The orb will disappear after three cycles around the frost dragon. Do not attack the dragon when the orb appears! It is highly recommended to turn auto-retaliate off so accidental damage is not done during the orb's presence.

Tip:Frost dragons have different attack styles if your observant enough it is possible to know how they will attack you. When a familiar is summoned you have the special effects of when a creature appears. If the frost dragon appears with the summoning effects, it will hit you with magic. However, if it just appears then it will strike you with range.

In the case of a death, a gravestone will appear just outside of the resource dungeon entrance. If you are using a BoB when you die, and there is no one else in the dungeon, all items your familiar was carrying will automatically disappear.

Suggested Gear

For Warriors:

For Rangers:

Oddly, these dragons aren't vulnerable to any Dragonbane ammo unlike other dragons! Although it is not recommended to use Magic against Frost Dragons, using Storm of Armadyl along with a Staff of Armadyl can slay these dragons quite fast. Casting this spell, however, can be very costly and cut into profits.



A single trip killing frost dragons can yield a profit of anywhere from 300,000 gp to much more. One can easily average 140 kills hourly! The better the gear and familiar, the better the profits. The expenses are minimal, so there is not much to lose.

Familiars should be utilized, especially Beasts of Burden. A War tortoise can hold an additional 18 items, and the Pack Yak whilst not only able to carry 30 items, the Winter Storage special scroll enables easy banking of Frost Dragon Bones and the occasional Rune Longsword drops.