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Ganodermic beast

member badge tiny.pngGanodermic beast
Ganodermic beast
A hideous creature covered in ganodermic fungus. (Initially)

This ganodermic beast has been weakened slightly. (Doused with neem oil)
Location: Polypore Dungeon
bestiary not aggressive.png
bestiary not poisonous.png
not immune to stun.png
not immune to leech.png
immune to shove.png
immune to poison.png
attack icon.png
strength icon.png
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1 1 80 1 80
Level: 160
Attack style: Magic
Max hit: 332
Life points: 12500
Weakness: Fire weak to fire.gif
Combat XP Constitution XP
1086.3 358
Attack speed:
Always: Big bones
Notable: Unknown [Edit]
Other: Unknown [Edit]
Slayer master: Duradel or Lapalok
Slayer level: 95
Slayer XP: 618 xp

Ganodermic beasts are the strongest monster found inside the Polypore Dungeon and can also be found within Polypore Resource Dungeon. They require a Slayer level of at least 95 in order to be harmed or killed. They are commonly hunted for completion of slayer assignments, for their Ganodermic flakes, which can be used to make Ganodermic armour, and for the Polypore sticks that they drop.


The ganodermic beasts are found in three area within the Polypore Dungeon. Two of these are multi-way combat and one is a single-way combat area. The shortcut to access one of the multi-way combat areas requires 73 Agility. The other multi-way combat area is in the Polypore Resource Dungeon, which requires 82 Dungeoneering to access. The final area has no additional requirements, beyond the level 95 Slayer needed to kill the beasts at all.


When fighting this monster, it is best to bring along neem oil Neem oil inventory icon to counter their special attack which constantly hits a player for (*** - ***) damage.

Neem oil can be sprinkled onto a ganodermic beast to make it instantly drop an item. Doing so will not cause the beast to become aggressive.


Note: The ring of wealth does not improve drops

100% Drops

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
Bigbones.gif Big bones 1 GE:532 drop-table-always.gif
Neem Drupe.gif Neem drupe 1-4 Not tradable drop-table-always.gif


Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
blrune.gif Blood rune 8, 10, or 12 GE:565 drop-table-common.gif
drune.gif Death rune 10, 12, or 15 GE:560 drop-table-common.gif
lrune.gif Law rune 45 GE:563 drop-table-rare.gif
nrune.gif Nature rune 71-75 GE:561 drop-table-rare.gif

Combat Equipment

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
Rune battleaxe.gif Rune battleaxe 1 GE:1373 drop-table-rare.gif
Rune 2handed1a.gif Rune 2h sword 1 GE:1319 drop-table-rare.gif
Rune square.gif Rune sq shield 1 GE:1185 drop-table-rare.gif
Rune kite.gif Rune kiteshield 1 GE:1201 drop-table-rare.gif
dragon med helm1.gif Dragon helm 1 GE:1149 drop-table-rare.gif
dragon dagger.gif Dragon dagger 1 [Edit] drop-table-rare.gif


Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
Grimy ranarr.gif Grimy ranarr 2 (noted) GE:207 drop-table-common.gif


Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
Lantadyme seed.gif Lantadyme seed 1 GE:5302 drop-table-uncommon.gif
Magic seed.gif Magic seed 1 GE:5316 drop-table-uncommon.gif
Palm seed.gif Palm tree seed 1 GE:5289 drop-table-uncommon.gif
Papaya seed.gif Papaya tree seed 1 GE:5288 drop-table-uncommon.gif
Snapdragon seed.gif Snapdragon seed 1 GE:5300 drop-table-uncommon.gif
Spirit.gif Spirit seed 1 Not tradable drop-table-uncommon.gif
Torstol seed.gif Torstol seed 1 GE:5304 drop-table-uncommon.gif
Watermelon seed.gif Watermelon seed 3 GE:5321 drop-table-uncommon.gif
Yew seed.gif Yew seed 1 GE:5315 drop-table-uncommon.gif

Summoning Charms

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
gold charm.gif Gold charm 1 Not tradable drop-table-uncommon.gif
green charm.gif Green charm 1 Not tradable drop-table-uncommon.gif
crimson charm.gif Crimson charm 1 Not tradable drop-table-uncommon.gif
blue charm.gif Blue charm 1 Not tradable drop-table-uncommon.gif

Other items

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
Flax.gif Flax 40 (noted) GE:1779 drop-table-common.gif
Ganodermic flake.gif Ganodermic flake 1-270 GE:22451 drop-table-common.gif
Gorajian mushroom.gif Gorajian mushroom 5-12 GE:313 drop-table-common.gif
Polypore spore.gif Polypore spore 1-1252 N/A drop-table-common.gif
shark.gif Shark 1-3 GE:1718 drop-table-common.gif
curved bone.gif Curved bone 1 Not tradable drop-table-uncommon.gif
long bone.gif Long bone 1 Not tradable drop-table-uncommon.gif
rune bar.gif Rune bar 1 GE:2363 drop-table-uncommon.gif
coins.gif Coins 449-10,013 Not tradable drop-table-rare.gif
polypore stick.gif Polypore stick 1 GE:22498 drop-table-rare.gif
ancient effigy.gif Starved ancient effigy 1 Not tradable drop-table-rare.gif
Court summons.gif Court summons 1 Not tradable drop-table-very-rare.gif
Crystal triskelion fragment 1.gif Crystal triskelion fragment 1 1 Not Tradable drop-table-very-rare.gif
Crystal triskelion fragment 2.gif Crystal triskelion fragment 2 1 Not Tradable drop-table-very-rare.gif
Crystal triskelion fragment 3.gif Crystal triskelion fragment 3 1 Not Tradable drop-table-very-rare.gif

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