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Members iconGargoyle
Flies like a rock.
Location: The Slayer Tower
Chaos Tunnels
Kuradal's Dungeon
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bestiary not poisonous.png
[Edit] [Edit] [Edit]
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Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit]
Level: 93
Attack style: Melee
Max hit: Unknown [Edit]
Life points: 6700
Weakness: Water weak to water.gif
Combat XP Constitution XP
Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit]
Attack speed:
Unknown [Edit]
Always: Nothing
Notable: Granite maul, mystic robe top (dark), adamant boots
Other: Unknown [Edit]
Slayer master: Chaeldar
Duradel or Lapalok
Slayer level: 75
Slayer XP: 208

Gargoyles are large stone statues that have come to life. To fight them you will need at least level-75 Slayer and have a rock hammer in your inventory, otherwise you will be unable to finish off the gargoyle.

Gargoyles fight with melee by striking attackers with their clawed feet. They are vulnerable to magic and in particular water spells, so ice magic can be used to freeze them in place and take advantage of their weakness. When the gargoyle has run out of life points you can right-click on it to "Smash" the creature with the rock hammer If you have purchased the secret of faster kills from any Slayer Master, the gargoyle will be smashed automatically when its life reaches zero.

Gargoyles can be found in the Chaos Tunnels, the second and third floors of the Slayer Tower, and in Kuradal's Dungeon. You can teleport to any of these locations using a mask of granite/helm of grotesquery, though you can only enter Kuradal's Dungeon if she has assigned you to kill gargoyles.



Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
frune.gif Fire rune 37, 75 [Edit] drop-table-common.gif
chrune.gif Chaos rune 15 [Edit] drop-table-common.gif
drune.gif Death rune 5 [Edit] drop-table-uncommon.gif
pure ess.gif Pure essence 35 (noted) [Edit] drop-table-uncommon.gif

Combat Equipment

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
steel axe.gif Steel hatchet 1 [Edit] drop-table-common.gif
steel battleaxe.gif Steel battleaxe 1 [Edit] drop-table-common.gif
steel 2handed1a.gif Steel 2h sword 1 [Edit] drop-table-common.gif
adamant boots.gif Adamant boots 1 [Edit] drop-table-uncommon.gif
rune full.gif Rune full helm 1 [Edit] drop-table-uncommon.gif
darkmystictop.gif Mystic robe top (Black) 1 [Edit] drop-table-rare.gif
granite maul1.gif Granite maul 1 [Edit] drop-table-rare.gif


Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
coins.gif Coins 11, 44, 132, 220, 460 [Edit] drop-table-common.gif
steel bar.gif Steel bar 3 [Edit] drop-table-uncommon.gif
mithril bar.gif Mithril bar 3 [Edit] drop-table-uncommon.gif
gold bar.gif Gold bar 1 [Edit] drop-table-uncommon.gif
uncut sapphire.gif Uncut gem 1 N/A drop-table-uncommon.gif
ferocious ring.gif Ferocious ring* 1 Not tradable drop-table-rare.gif
clue scroll.gif Clue scroll (hard) 1 Not tradable drop-table-rare.gif
ancient effigy.gif Starved ancient effigy 1 Not tradable drop-table-rare.gif

* Only in Kuradal's Dungeon.

Summoning Charms

Image Name Quantity Price Drop Rate
gold charm.gif Gold charm 1 Not tradable drop-table-uncommon.gif
green charm.gif Green charm 1 Not tradable drop-table-uncommon.gif
crimson charm.gif Crimson charm 1 Not tradable drop-table-uncommon.gif
blue charm.gif Blue charm 1 Not tradable drop-table-uncommon.gif

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