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mining gem rocks.jpg
Mining gem rocks

Gems are precious stones found when mining. Some gems can be found randomly when mining ore around Gielinor. After completing the Shilo Village quest, members can also mine gem rocks in Shilo Village or the Dungeoneering resource dungeon located in the mine north of Al Kharid. Wearing an amulet of glory will increase your chances of getting a gem when Mining, and wearing both an amulet of glory and a ring of wealth will increase that chance further. For instructions on how to enchant an amulet of glory or ring of wealth, see the Jewellery Craft page.

Having mined or found these uncut gems, there will come a stage where your Crafting level will enable you to cut and use these gems to make jewellery. Magic can be used to enchant some of these items to make them more powerful and able to be used for a variety of skills and even transportation methods.

To cut a gem, simply use a chisel on it. Be aware, however, some gems have a chance of shattering, but this risk dimishes with a higher Crafting level. You may also store large varieties of gem in a gem bag, bought from the rewards trader of Daemonheim.

Mining Cutting
Uncut Gem XP Gem Level XP
uncut opal.gif
Uncut opal
25 opal.gif
1 Crafting 15
3.8 if shattered
uncut jade.gif
Uncut jade Members icon ~
65 jade.gif
Jade Members icon
13 Crafting 20
5 if shattered
uncut red topaz.gif
Uncut red topaz Members icon ~
65 red topaz.gif
Red topaz Members icon
16 Crafting 25
6.3 if shattered
uncut sapphire.gif
Uncut sapphire * #
50 sapphire.gif
20 Crafting 50
uncut emerald.gif
Uncut emerald * #
67.5 emerald.gif
27 Crafting 67.5
uncut ruby.gif
Uncut ruby * #
85 ruby.gif
34 Crafting 85
uncut diamond.gif
Uncut diamond * #
100 diamond.gif
43 Crafting 107.5
uncut dragonstone.gif
Uncut dragonstone Members icon % $ #
N/A dragonstone.gif
Dragonstone Members icon
55 Crafting 137.5
uncut onyx.gif
Uncut onyx Members icon % £ #
N/A onyx.gif
Onyx Members icon
67 Crafting 167.5
uncut hydrix.gif
Uncut hydrix Members icon + #
N/A hydrix.gif
Hydrix Members icon
79 Crafting 197.5

* Can be obtained randomly from rocks around Gielinor and Shooting Stars. An Amulet of Glory and Ring of Wealth can improve your chances of obtaining these gems. Also obtainable from gem rocks.
~ Can be obtained through panning or mining gem rocks.
# All of these gems can be made into tips for crossbow bolts. For further information, see Making Bolts.
% Can only be obtained through Mining if a gem-finding scrimshaw is used.
$ Can be found in a chest in Taverley and dropped by a very select few high level monsters.
£ Can be obtained through trading, TzHaar shop run by TzHaar-Hur-Lek (bought with Tokkul) or obtained from kingly implings.
+ Can only be made from incomplete hydrixes that are bought for reaper points through the Grim Reaper.

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