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Gem (uncut) Experience
Gained when gem-cutting
uncut opal.gif
Uncut opal~ (m)
25 This table shows the different gems available in RuneScape. The experience shown is what you receive when you mine the gems from gem rocks in Shilo Village or the Dungeoneering resource dungeon located in the mine north of Al Kharid. Some gems can be found randomly when Mining rocks around RuneScape. After completing the Shilo Village quest, members can also mine gem rocks. Wearing an amulet of glory will increase your chances of getting a gem when Mining, and wearing both an amulet of glory and a ring of wealth will increase that chance further. See the Magic Guide for instructions to enchant an amulet of glory or ring of wealth.
  • (m) = Members Only
  • * = Can be obtained randomly from rocks around Runescape and Shooting Stars. An Amulet of Glory and Ring of Wealth can improve your chances of obtaining these gems. Also obtainable from gem rocks.
  • ~ = Can be obtained through panning or mining gem rocks.
  • The higher the rock you are mining from the higher the chance of obtaining gems.
uncut jade.gif
Uncut jade~ (m)
uncut red topaz.gif
Uncut red topaz~ (m)
uncut sapphire.gif
Uncut sapphire*
uncut emerald.gif
Uncut emerald*
uncut ruby.gif
Uncut ruby*
uncut diamond.gif
Uncut diamond*
uncut dragonstone.gif
Uncut dragonstone (m)
N/A Can only be obtained through mining if a Gem Finding Scrimshaw is used.
Found in a chest in Taverley and is dropped by a very select few high level monsters.
Uncut onyx (m)
N/A Can only be obtained through mining if a Gem Finding Scrimshaw is used.
Can be obtained through trading, TzHaar shop run by TzHaar-Hur-Lek (bought with Tokkul) or obtained from kingly implings.
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