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Gilded altar

Members iconGilded altar
Gilded altar interface icon
Construction Level 75
XP 2230
Room Chapel
Space Altar
Examine Unknown [Edit]

A gilded altar is an object that can be built in the chapel of a player-owned house. Requiring level-75 Construction to build, it can be built in the altar hotspot using two marble blocks, four pieces of gold leaf and two bolts of cloth. This will provide 2,230 Construction XP.

The gilded altar is the highest-level altar a player can build, and players can pray at it to recharge their Prayer points. Players can also offer bones or ashes to it to gain extra Prayer XP - if the altar is used in conjunction with two lit incense burners, the XP gained will be 350% of normal. With one burner lit it will be 300%, and with no burners it will be 250%.

When used with bones that give a lot of XP when buried, the gilded altar provides one of the fastest methods of training Prayer in the game. While offering bones to the Ectofuntus provides 400% of the normal amount of XP, the gilded altar is a faster method as players do not need to grind the bones or collect buckets of slime - instead, they will just need a supply of clean marrentills to keep the burners lit.

It is possible for a player to build a gilded altar with as little as level-64 Construction by building teak shelves 2 in the kitchen with a crystal saw, then building the altar after drinking tea made using these shelves, eating orange spicy stew which can provide a boost of up to +6 Construction levels, and a crystal saw.

A gilded altar in a player's chapel

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