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Glowing memory

member badge tiny.pngGlowing memory
glowing memory.gif
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable No
Stacks No
Destroy Destroy
Store price Not sold
Protect on Death No
Examine A memory in solid form (tier 6). It can be converted at a crater near any wisp colony.
Weight 0 kg

Glowing memories are gained from glowing wisps which require you to have level 30 Divination in order to harvest from them. They are an ingredient in the Divination skill.

You can use glowing memories on the energy rifts located at each of the wisp colonies (the glowing colony is likely to be closest to you), and within Daemonheim, which will give you three options:

  1. Convert - this will provide you with glowing energy. The amount of energy you get from a wisp depends on your Divination level.
  2. Experience - this will provide you with 7 Divination XP (12 if you are in Daemonheim) per memory.
  3. Enhanced Experience - this will provide you with 8.7 Divination XP (16.5 if you are in Daemonheim) per memory but you will need 5 glowing energy per memory.

The above options will convert all memories/energy in your inventory. Should you run out of energy while using the enhanced experience option, the remaining memories will be converted at the lower XP rate.

Using the convert option, the amount of energy you can get depends on your Divination level:

Level Convert
30 1.9
31 1.96
32 2.01
33 2.07
34 2.12
35 2.18
36 2.23
37 2.29
38 2.34
39 + 2.4