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God Statues

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Getting Started

copernicus glyph.gif

There are few requirements to start this Distraction & Diversion. You must have done at least one of the following:

Note your Prayer, Construction and Slayer levels determine your rewards.

To start the D&D, speak to Copernicus Glyph who can be found at one of the following locations:

statue location taverley.jpg
statue location lumbridge.jpg
statue location canifis.jpg
statue location gu'tanoth.jpg
statue location prifddinas.jpg

Setting up the scaffolding

He will ask you to help him setup the scaffolding for his next masterpiece. Simply press the up or down arrows to adjust the height of the scaffold.

The interface at the top of your screen will help you to see if you have met the criteria that Copernicus has set out for you:

  • Used - You'll need to use a certain amount of scaffolding for the statue. In the image below, you have used 7 out of 15 pieces.
  • Highest - Some columns cannot be lower than a certain height, in this case 4.
  • Lowest - Some columns cannot be higher than a certain height, in this case 2.
god statue interface.jpg
God Statue Interface

These indicators will turn green when you have met the requirement. To continue, press the icon with Copernicus' face on it. Copernicus will then check your scaffolding setup, marking the columns with ticks or crosses depending on whether they are correct or not. If any columns are incorrect, adjust the remaining columns and press the Copernicus icon again.

You can leave at any time by pressing the cross icon. This will not save your scaffolding progress.

When you have finished building the statue, pray at it to complete the diversion. Depending on the statue you built (see below), you will either get Prayer XP, or a fanatic will attack (see below).

You can only build 5 statues - 1 in each location - a month. You will be able to pray at any statues that you build, however.


You can build the following statues:

Statues will vary in quality - with the exception of the statue of Glarial - depending on your construction level:

Level Quality Statues
1 Construction Plain Plain General Graador Statue Plain Commander Zilyana Statue Plain Juna Statue Plain K'ril Tsutsaroth Statue Plain Queen Glarial Statue
32 Construction Sturdy Sturdy General Graador Statue Sturdy Commander Zilyana Statue Sturdy Juna Statue Sturdy K'ril Tsutsaroth Statue Sturdy Queen Glarial Statue
52 Construction Fine Fine General Graador Statue Fine Commander Zilyana Statue Fine Juna Statue Fine K'ril Tsutsaroth Statue Fine Queen Glarial Statue
72 Construction Expert Expert General Graador Statue Expert Commander Zilyana Statue Expert Juna Statue Expert K'ril Tsutsaroth Statue Expert Queen Glarial Statue
90 Construction Masterpiece Masterpiece General Graador Statue Masterpiece Commander Zilyana Statue Masterpiece Juna Statue Masterpiece K'ril Tsutsaroth Statue Masterpiece Queen Glarial Statue


Statues can be built at any location, but the preferred locations are:

  • Guthix statue = Taverley
  • Saradomin statue = Lumbridge
  • Zamorak statue = Canifis
  • Bandos statue = Gu'Tanoth
  • Seren statue = Prifddinas

For building a statue in the correct location you will receive Prayer XP (see below).


If you build your statue in the incorrect location, fanatics of the local area will descend upon your creation in anger at it's presence. Defeat this fanatic to receive Slayer XP (see below).

Fanatic Slayer Level Combat Level Weakness Life Points
Guthixian votary
Guthixian votary
Saradominist zealot
Saradominist zealot
Zamorakian fanatic
Zamorakian fanatic
bandosian brawler.png
Bandosian brawler
Trahaearn automaton mark I
Trahaearn automaton mark I
1 4 Arrows icon 150

Guthixian spirit

Saradominist initiate

Zamorakian marauder

Bandosian ogre
Trahaearn automaton mark II
Trahaearn automaton mark II
25 44 Crush icon 1600
Guthixian moss giant
Guthixian moss giant
Saradominist knight
Saradominist knight
Zamorakian werewolf
Zamorakian werewolf
Bandosian ork
Bandosian ork
Trahaearn automaton mark III
Trahaearn automaton mark III
50 68 Thrown icon 2450
Guthixian druid
Guthixian druid
Saradominist magister
Saradominist magister
Zamorakian warlock
Zamorakian warlock
Bandosian shaman
Bandosian shaman
Trahaearn automaton mark IV
Trahaearn automaton mark IV
75 93 Water icon 3350


The main reward for completing the D&D is XP. The XP you receive will vary depending on your level and what choice you made in the D&D. Click here to view a table of the possible XP values. Show/Hide icon

Sculpting Chisel

After you have built statues for 4 months you will get a sculpting chisel. You can get the chisel by speaking to Copernicus Glyph.

The chisel comes in 5 types, all with the same bonuses:

Wielding a chisel grants a Construction level boost of 1.

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