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Grand Exchange APIs

These APIs return JSON strings.

Catalogue API

Category information details


  • This returns the number of items in the category for each starting letter as a JSON string.
  • For example with category
    as above the first part of the string will start like this:


Category price details


  • With the above example you will get price information on the first 12 items in category
    starting with the letter
  • It should be noted that after alpha=, more than one letter may be used to narrow the search further.
  • The first name/value pair of the JSON object returned is the total number of items in category 1 starting with a. It this case "total":14 and as the maximum number of items per page is 12 we know that we will have 12 items on this page with 2 items on the next
  • The next name/value pair of the JSON object is an array of items with their price change information.
  • To get data for items that start with a number, use "alpha=%23", not "alpha=#": e.g., ../../m=itemdb_rs/api/catalogue/items.json?category=12&alpha=%23&page=1

Category IDs

  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Ammo
  3. Arrows
  4. Bolts
  5. Construction materials
  6. Construction projects
  7. Cooking ingredients
  8. Costumes
  9. Crafting materials
  10. Familiars
  11. Farming produce
  12. Fletching materials
  13. Food and drink
  14. Herblore materials
  15. Hunting equipment
  16. Hunting produce
  17. Jewellery
  18. Mage armour
  19. Mage weapons
  20. Melee armour - low level
  21. Melee armour - mid level
  22. Melee armour - high level
  23. Melee weapons - low level
  24. Melee weapons - mid level
  25. Melee weapons - high level
  26. Mining and smithing
  27. Potions
  28. Prayer armour
  29. Prayer materials
  30. Range armour
  31. Range weapons
  32. Runecrafting
  33. Runes, Spells and Teleports
  34. Seeds
  35. Summoning scrolls
  36. Tools and containers
  37. Woodcutting product
  38. Pocket items

Item API

Graphing Data


  • Replace
    with the item's numerical id number.
  • This returns the price information for each day for 180 days in a JSON string.
  • If there is no price information for some of the days (for example new items that weren't released) then the prices are returned as 0.
  • The format for the string is:

    {"daily":{"Datecode":Price, "Datecode2":Price2...}
    where Datecode is the number of milliseconds elapsed from January 1st, 1970 and Price is the item's market price for that day.

GE Item price information


  • Replace
    with the item's numerical id number.
  • This returns information about the item's current price and its price trend over 30, 90, and 180 days as well as its category and image urls.

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