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member badge tiny.pngGrifolapine
poly grifolapine.gif
A prickly creature covered in grifolic fungus. (Normal)
This grifolapine has been weakened slightly (When affected by Neem oil)
Polypore Dungeon
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[Edit] [Edit] [Edit] [Edit]
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Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit] Unknown [Edit]
Combat level: 148
Attack style: Ranged, Magic
Max hit: Unknown [Edit]
Hit points: 7400
Combat XP: Unknown [Edit]
Constitution XP: Unknown [Edit]
Weakness: Water weak to water.gif
Attack speed:
Unknown [Edit]
Always drops: Bones, Neem drupe
Notable drops: Unknown [Edit]
Other drops: Unknown [Edit]
Slayer master: Chaeldar
Duradel or Lapalok
Slayer level: 88
Slayer XP: 294

Grifolapines are creatures found in the Polypore Dungeon. Unlike most creatures, they do not move until attacked. In combat, they will randomly charge at the player, damaging the player continuously with their fungus if the Grifolapine reaches Melee range. They may be blocked on the fungi in the area to stop them from charging, however they occasionally try to move around if trapped.

Like other creatures in the dungeon, they can be weakened with Neem oil, to lower their attack speed and disable their Magic attack.