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Grifolic armour

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grifolic armour.gif
A player wearing a grifolic visor, poncho, leggings and gloves

Grifolic Armour is a set of fungus-like, degrade-able armour made by using Grifolic flakes on Mycelium web armours. 5,100 Grifolic flakes are required to make the set from Mycelium web armour. Grifolic flakes are found within the Polypore Dungeon and can be dropped by either Grifolaroos, or Grifolapines.

It can be restored to pristine condition by using grifolic flakes on it while you have a needle and thread in your Inventory.

Grifolic armor consists of:


60 Defence is needed to wear Grifolic armour pieces.


To make Grifolic armor, using Grifolic flakes, the player must have at least 78 Crafting to make the entire set. To make the set, you must have:

Therefore, the entire set requires: 400 + 3,500 + 1,200 = 5,100 Grifolic flakes, and 78 Crafting

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