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Guthix's Chambers

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Location of Guthix's Chambers
Location of Guthix's Chambers

The entrance to the chambers is at the excavation west of the Legends' Guild and north-east of Ardougne.

Points of Interest

Guthix's Chambers points of interest
Points of Interest
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Entrance to Automaton Cave


Guthixian High Druid
Guthixian High Druid
Leading the druids to turn Guthix's Chambers into a shrine for their fallen god, the Guthixian High Druid will let you claim any gifts that you are eligible for, swap gifts that you no longer want, and teleport you to the central chamber.


There are no quests to start in Guthix's Chambers.


  • Players with at least level 90 Prayer will gain 100,000 XP when paying your respects at the monument.
  • Players with 10 chronicle fragments can place them on the monument for Divination XP.
  • Players with at least level 74 Firemaking can light the 5 torches around the chamber for 10, 000 Firemaking XP each (a total of 50, 000 XP).
  • Speak to the Guthixian High Druid in order to:
    • Retrieve any lost rewards
    • Access any new rewards (if they have completed the recommended quests since completing The World Wakes)
    • Change your cosmetic top option
    • Activate/deactivate your title
    • Be teleported in to the central chamber.

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