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H.A.M. Hideout

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H.A.M. members discussing strategy in their hideout
H.A.M. members discussing strategy in their hideout

Johanhus Ulsbrecht has had enough of monsters and has decided to take matters into his own hands. The first step has been to gather all who think alike, and head underground to plan the destruction of the monsters they so detest.

Johanhus has decided to call the organisation H.A.M., or Humans Against Monsters, an appropriate name for such a group.

If you think the same (or just want some Thieving experience), head down and explore the H.A.M. Hideout.


A map showing the entrance to the dungeon
Dungeon location

The members of H.A.M. hide out in a dungeon which is located underground, just outside Lumbridge.

Thanks to The Battle of Lumbridge, the H.A.M. have been forced to build a new tunnel to their hideout beneath an abandoned mine entrance. This is located north-east and across the river from the furnace in Lumbridge. You can use your skills as a thief to pick the lock on the trapdoor and gain entry.

Points of Interest

A map of the hideout showing points of interest
Points of interest

As you have no doubt noticed, the H.A.M. Hideout is quite large and has an interesting layout. The central area is where most will choose to train Thieving; pickpocketing H.A.M. Members for loot. If you happen to pickpocket an item of H.A.M. clothing, it may be worth keeping, as wearing the full set will mean you get caught less.

green circle.png
Johanhus Ulsbrecht
blue circle.png
H.A.M. Deacon
magenta circle.png
Jimmy the Chisel
yellow circle.png
cyan circle.png

If you fail at pickpocketing, you may get put in jail or thrown out. If you are jailed, simply pick-lock the door and exit. If you are thrown out, you will wake up somewhere in the Lumbridge wood area; simply get your bearings and head back to the entrance to continue.

Those who have completed Death to the Dorgeshuun can access the storerooms and continue Thieving from the jewellery stocks. The entrance to the storeroom is a hidden trapdoor south of the Deacon. Pick the lock on the door and you will be able to access the store room.

Inside the store room there are 6 chests for you to loot. They're behind locked doors though (with the exception of the chests in the northern room) so you'll need to pick their locks to enter. Be careful when opening the doors, if a guard spots you he'll attack!

The chests are locked with specific keys which you'll need to steal from the guards.

  • South-west chest - bronze key
  • South-east chest - silver key
  • West chest - steel key
  • East chest - iron key
  • North chests - steel keys


Johanhus Ulsbrecht H.A.M. Deacon
Johanhus Ulsbrecht.png
Johanhus Ulsbrecht is the proud leader of his group, the Humans Against Monsters. Johanhus is always thinking about the next move against the monsters. One of his main concerns, as of late, is the Dorgeshuun tribe, but apparently he has a man on the inside to report on any activities...
ham deacon.gif
One of the most dedicated people in Gielinor, the Deacon stands and talks all day, every day, preaching to new members of the group about the surrounding monster threats.
Johanhus can be found in the southern room. The Deacon can be found preaching on the stage.
Jimmy the Chisel H.A.M. Member
Jimmy the Chisel.png
Poor Jimmy was running an errand to Lumbridge when he was captured and ransomed... for chickens.
ham fanatic female.gif
ham fanatic male.gif
Johanhus' followers just seem to be sitting around, being preached at.
Jimmy is found in the jail to the south-east of the hideout. H.A.M. Members can be found throughout the hideout, but most are in the central chamber.


There are no quests to start in the H.A.M. Hideout.

Against the Monsters

H.A.M. Guard ( Level 44 | Weak to weak to air.gif )
A H.A.M. Guard
H.A.M. guards will fight for what they believe in, so thieves beware! If you are hunting for the full H.A.M. clothes set, but not getting them all, these guards may drop items if you prefer combat to Thieving.


  • Thieves dressed in H.A.M. attire may notice they blend in more and get caught less.

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