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Hallowe'en 2007 Event Guide

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This article is about a piece of content that has been removed from the game. Information is kept for historical purposes only.

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This Hallowe'en, Death is coming for you!

Death's servant just recently passed away, and now he has need of a temporary replacement to make sure that his terrifying Mansion of Death is in good order to receive his new servant. If you help him tidy things up a bit he will surely be grateful, and might even offer you a dark and deathly reward.



To start the Hallowe'en event you will need to find the very, very black house portal located north-west of Port Sarim (indicated by the menacingly foreboding black area on the map). You'll know you're getting close when the light fades from the world, seemingly sucked into the unnatural black disc waiting for you.

When you arrive in Death's house, you'll find yourself in the main reception hall. Provided you aren't too horrified by the thought of what might lie in wait, you can then proceed down the hall to be greeted by the Reaper, who will be seated on his dark throne waiting for you.

The Event

In his most ghastly voice from beyond the grave, Death will explain the situation to you before commanding you to do his awful bidding around his (admittedly quite grand, if a bit messy) house of endless night. Moving about the house, you will find yourself accosted by nightmarish gargoyles leering from the doorways, portraits of Death's grand ancestors and Muncher - the Beast of the Night and Chewer of Misplaced Soft Toys and Home Furnishings.

Choke back your fear, put an end to your misgivings and summon what little courage you still have, and go through the first portal to face the visions of decay and nastiness that await you...

In the Garden of Deathly Shadows

The first challenge you must overcome is that in the garden. Filled with woeful trees heavy with sodden and dead leaves, you must fight your way through spider webs to recover a skull. This isn't any ordinary skull - it once belonged to Death's former servant, and is a sign of what may become of you should you fail to serve Death well.

To work your way through the maze of void-born plants and the sticky morass of undead spider webs, simply click on one of the webs. If the spiders have made it well, you will be unable to push through, but if they have gone to the spider afterlife while spinning it, you should be able to move into the next section of the labyrinth.

skull.gifSomewhere, within the maddening twists and convolutions of the garden, is the skull you have to find. Don't bother trying to follow someone else, though: the garden is different for everyone who enters...

In the Lounge of the Reaper of Souls

Your next task to put Death's house in order will be to find his missing possessions in the lounge and parlour and put them in their rightful places. To help you out with all the kindness of the warm embrace of oblivion, Death has left his diary on the table in the parlour.

The items you're looking for:

bones.gifLet it not be said that Death is an uncaring entity: he's procured some bones for Muncher, Hound of Eternity and Soiler of Nice Rugs, to chew upon.

eyeball.gifDeath's mentor has long gone to dust... except for his eyeball, which Death keeps around the house for some reason no mortal could ever hope to comprehend.

hourglass.gifAn Hourglass of Resurrection is an immensely powerful artefact that only those beyond Death's reach can ever hope to own.

voice of doom potion.gifAs awe-inspiringly and terrifyingly horrific as Death may be normally, he becomes all the more charismatic with the help of his Voice of Doom potion.

robes.gifGiven his day job, and the number of times he has to visit the Wilderness and Lumbridge Swamp each day, it's hardly surprising that he leaves robes lying around the house.

scythe sharpener.gifIt's often said that a craftsperson is only as good as their tools. This probably doesn't apply to Death, but he likes to keep his scythe on the cutting edge anyway.

will.gifA Last Will and Testament. There's bound to be plenty of these lying about.

Once you've located the artefacts, you should read Death's diary to figure out where each item should be put. With that done, it's time to sneak past Muncher (Devourer of Souls and Dog Biscuits) again and ascend the stairs.

In the Playground of Solitude and Lost Toys

Your final task to appease the Lord of Eternal Endlessness is to test the obstacle course upstairs. Death has a strict policy of physical fitness for those in his employ who still have muscles, and it's been many long centuries since the obstacle course was last given a tune-up. The course is quite ordinary by Death's standards, and shouldn't pose any difficulty for an adventurer determined to escape Death's lair!

The course begins with the Slide of Madness, followed by a number of Spring Boards of Lost Souls that will propel you across pools of ominous black ooze, a wade through a regulation-size Terrifying Wading Pool of Green Slime, and finally a careful negotiation of the Field of Awful Pitfall Traps™.


With all Death's tasks complete, you can head back down to the entrance hall to claim your reward - if you dare.

Have a truly nightmarish Hallowe'en!

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